Like the sun shining through a window in early morn, 

That’s what your friendship means to me. 

Your caring concern and the love that you show, 

Not only for me but for others as well, 

the whole world I would tell, 

What your friendship love means to me. 

But the words do not come, they are caught deep inside 

Of this person I am, who would much rather hide 

Than face this world in which we live, 

A world that cannot give of itself, 

A world that has died. 

I wish that I could spout words in verse or in prose 

About what your friendship, as everyone knows, 

Means to me. 

It’s so hard to be open when one’s always been closed, 

But I’ll try just for you 

Since the feelings I have run as deep as the sea. 

Yes, I’ll try very hard, be patient with me.


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​All my desires have combined 

and have merged into one wish 

to hold you close to me. 

All my tears have gathered 

and turned into a stream 

to wash your feet, my beloved. 

I am in total silence 

as my tongue will sing 

only your songs, my love. 

I am awake whole night, 

not blinking 

fearing I might doze of. 

You may come 

at dawn or midnight. 

I am all attention for 

your light steps 

which might get lost 

in the sound of the breeze. 

Ticking of the clock 

tells me, time is passing. 

Chirping of birds 

gives the signal of dawn. 

I am not disappointed, 

I know you will come 

one day. 

If you so wish, 

I will wait for you 

till eternity.


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​Love for you

I want you as you are, not as you ought to be
Won’t you lay down your guard and come to me

The shame that grips you now is crippling

It breaks my heart to see you suffering
Cause I am for you

I’m not against you
If you wanna know

How far my love can go

Just how deep, just how wide

If you wanna see

How much you mean to me

Look at my hands, look at my side

If you could count the times I’d say you are forgiven

It’s more than the drops in the ocean
Don’t think you need to settle for a substitute

When I’m the only love that changes you
And I am for you

I’m not against you

I am for you

I’m not against you
If you wanna know

How far my love can go

Just how deep, just how wide

If you wanna see

How much you mean to me

Look at my hands, look at my side

If you could count the times I’d say you are forgiven

It’s more than the drops in the ocean
Open your heart

It’s time that we start again

Open your heart

It’s time that we start again
If you wanna know

How far my love can go

Just how deep, just how wide

If you wanna see

How much you mean to me

Look at my hands, look at my side

If you could count the times I’d say you are forgiven

It’s more than the drops in the ocean

The drops in the ocean


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She’s drowning.. But wait, don’t save her, no don’t touch her, and yes I see that she’s drowning.. She’s forgotten, somewhere along the way of her crowning, she is Queen, but now look at her, she’s drowning.. Because another man has broken her trust, instead of smiling he left her frowning.. She’s damaged this time, perhaps a little broken beyond repair.. She won’t come out of this ok, she’s a little worse for wear.. But we learn that in desperate times, when faced with death it can change us.. So as she drowns she find new strength to out weigh her every weakness.. So let her drown, let her struggle to be ok, let her swim until she feels her feet back on the ground.. Let her drown, and let her save her fucking self, let her always be remembered as the Queen who proudly wears her crown.. Watch her now, as she becomes the woman she always could have been.. Untouchable, unbreakable, forbiddingly beautiful as perhaps a cardinal sin.. But for now, she’s simply drowning, in a puddle of her own pretty tears.. As she watches her heart be destroyed, by a man, all over again, the sum of all her fears

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Rain Romance

And soon enough I was taken back to the rain it all started. I remember you and I walking down the road after the coffee date, and you said how beautiful the sky looked that day. And then after a few minutes it started raining. And we were holding hands and I snatched away. Just in a moment I was out of shade and under that beautiful sky. Insane enough to dance but sane enough not to fall. 

I was crazy. I was stupid. But you loved me the same. I came towards you and you knew what was in my mind. And so you ran and I ran after you. I remember how didn’t like rainy days. But got you. I got on your back and were already wet enough. You laughed. I got off your back. And asked you for a dance. You said yes. We were dancing. More like finding a way to get close. A lil more. 

Your hands on waist and mine on your shoulder. We looked into each other’s eyes like we were trying to find those galaxies, the hidden one yet the most beautiful one. You get your one hand on my face and said,”God. You’re crazy.” And we both laughed. As we were laughing you pulled closer and I knew we’ve found our galaxies. And in a minute our lips united. As our lips parted, you whispered in my ear,”I love you.” And I open my eyes. I look up at the sky and say,”You still hold me. Our lips still unite. I still love you. The only difference is you’re not here and i am. So close yet so far.” P.s. I love you.


Just yours.


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Featured Post ” Why some women love rough sex and four ways to try it”

Rough sex is a sex practice where one attains sexual pleasure through pain. When you are performing sex with your partner one can experiment in order to bring out naughtiness  nice on bed partners today  are boring and no one wants to always go through boredom, it’s good to be romantic and   have sex but not always one wants that sweet and sugar delicacy. After all we humans are only evolutionary species of animals, slightly advanced though. sometimes the partners  want to ditch the sweetness and they want the sex to be rough and once they are done after experiencing it for the first time they come to know the another side and version of sex. Where there is a thought of attaining optimum level of sexual pleasure, rough sex can help in many situations. Spanking, biting, your female partner may sound like dominant practices but in actual females like these kind of activities done to them .But along with the desire to get pleasure and satisfaction they have a desire too and that us to be dominant on her partner.  When it comes to rough sex both of the partners play their role of each becoming a dominant and a submissive. Here are the ways which tell us why women love rough sex:

1 .Sense of pleasure: rough sex practices result in sense of pleasure in females.    This kind of stuff may exhibit harsh and one can think that rough sex hurts .Females can think that this type of sex can hurt their vagina .but this statement is actually a myth. Practicing rough sex   results in release of oxytocin in abundance which is also called a love hormone .the pleasure they experience is not only physically but emotionally.

  1. Love hormone acting ‘there’ release of oxytocin results in contractions in the uterus and the vagina leading to sense of excitement and ultimately females start to enjoy more.
  2. The love (rough) practices hard sex practices such as spanking activates nerve endings in vagina .men just have to hit at the right spot of the butt that is the lower part
  3. it’s just a game of senses women love when men bite on their neck thighs or assets. Science behind this reveals that there are nerve endings at these parts which immediately give a sense of pleasure and excitement.
  4. Role of Goosebumps ever felt them while your boyfriend is biting and licking you at appropriate spots. It feels like butterflies in whole of d stomach and a fire running from our heart and reaching down there!!!!Ht is the release of dopamine in the body which again excites a female .ultimately they want more from their men and that too at a higher level.
  5. Its all in the brain responses such as response to pain, anger, sexual pleasure and satisfaction or response when emotional circumstances are there are all controlled by hypothalamus gland situated in the brain. All of these responses are interconnected and one stimulus results in response followed by another one .like for example if the female will experience pain during sex then she will also eventually experience pleasure and sexual satisfaction.
  6. More the attraction more rough is the sex when women are more attracted towards their partners. This then results in the scenario when women want a hard core sex from their partners.


My college mate luckily has a sexually compatible partner. She often tells me about her make outs. According to her, she enjoys sex with her boyfriend when it’s hardcore. “He spanks me hard and I feel excited and then I say him to spank my butt even harder”. stating this she further told about an incident in which they made out going wild, flaunting her love bites she said, “it feels super excited when he bites me and licks me all over , I moan in pleasure when he penetrates me deeper and harder. It makes me to want him more”. Not only she receives the pleasure but also blows him out of the water with her skills

While I was having a nice talk with my neighbour, she also shared her sexual experiences. “He fucks my brains out when his tongue goes down there”. Stating this she was happy that her partner likes to please her and not just sit back and enjoy the pleasure.

For men, if they enjoy rough sex with their females, their manly side gets revealed more, this shows a man’s confidence which attracts their girl more towards them.

If one has never experienced how it feels like to have a rough sex but has a desire to do so, here are some ways to initiate that hardcore sex:


  1. Start slowly: when you are having rough sex for the first time, start slowly progressing towards aggression. One can start with a kiss giving soft pecks on the lips of the partner and then move towards hard kissing, while doing this hold the back of the head of your partner and slightly pull their hair. This will arouse your partner’s feelings and your partner will reciprocate in the same manner. Then slowly move towards their neck giving soft bites and then giving unpredictable hard bites. Your partner will experience a great sense of arousal and then progress towards trying something more pleasurable or anything involving pain. when there is a state where male will penetrate the female, males can try giving a soft jerk slowly and that too shallow following by a deep one and then progressing to a harder sexton can also try different positions like if you are doing it when your female is resting her knees on the surface and you have a nice view of her butt, spank her a little and when she likes it, spank her harder, then make a quick move of hard penetration.

For females it is necessary when males are performing this ,you have to make pleasurable voices .this excites a male so much and makes him do things rougher. Moaning can be tried, also one can call her partners name and say things which pleases her male .the whole idea behind this type of intimacy is making moves slow and steady and then reaching to higher levels.


  1. Dominant and submissive sex

Rough sex is more playful when two people indulge in it .they can play roles. One partner can play the role of submissive while the either one can be dominant .the partner playing role of dominant usually initiates things. Roles can be played according to their role play in life. if in life or in profession, one partner is dominant then that partner can play role of dominant and enjoy in this manner,similalrly if you have a career where you don’t take initiatives much you can play the role of a submissive and enjoy in that. It is necessary that both the partners step out of their comfort zone if they actually want to try it. Without stepping out of it is difficult to enjoy having this kind of sex then.

Also one has to keep in mind that having rough sex doesn’t mean one will abuse the partner or mistreat the partner by while playing dominant. One can swap roles to behave in a controlled manner and environment. One can introduce sex toys to please female’s body parts. Females can also do the same for their men.

Girls like when boys show aggression and behave like an animal in the bed. According to girls, guys taking control over them is the sexiest thing ever!!!!




About The Writer:- Divya Choudhary is a third Year nursing student from  Delhi .She is a aspiring writer a person with a dream to put a impression in people’s heart though her writings .She love to watch and observe people as she says ” Two clocks don’t show the same time ,two persons are also different ,they differ  in cultures behavior , decision making and most probably everything except the fact that they are human beings. She love to Write And Read you can connect to her through INSTAGRAM @dgirlwithstareyes


















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Thank you

So finally a milestone achieve I really thankful to you all for helping me to achieve this milestone and for the love and support you all gave me thank you all my WordPress family .A family where each and everyone is so amazing with their words .

Thank you lovelies. 

I may not reply to all the coments  much , but they mean so much to me i can’t even put into words. I always loved writing and actually started posting them . I remember every single second i’ve spent writing down whatever I have. All the pain and hurt and sadness comes right back at me when I read what i wrote because I remember every reason I wrote it and I kept writing because it helped through a lot! It helped me get everything out of my heart and put all my emotions in words and it got easier for me to accept things once I read whats on my mind on a paper. I never really think of myself to be any good at this, nor would i ever classify myself as a. Good writer and I really hate when people compare them self with me i know that I am not that gud in writing . I just write because I love to, because it’s my passion and I want people to know that whatever they are going through, they are not alone. You lovelies, I mean… you all make my day with your comments and messages. How you all love what I write and appreciate it and relate to it and support me. It makes my bad days good and good days a thousand times better. I come here and read everything you all have ever written to me because it makes me smile this big huge smile! And i feel appreciated and good about something for once. I remember how i once lost all hope and i got the cutest words coming from you all, it was one of the best thing. For all this, i literally can not thank you all enough for the little things that matter the most. 
I love you all so much



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