Story of Pen

My pen has much to do
write a novel and write a thank you
This pen it is not done it has a love letter to send to someone
I put this pen in my hand let it create a sketch of a plan
My pen it is my extension to me it is very pleasing this thing is special to me
When angered I write a hateful note I hold my pen hard so as not to choke
Only my pen knows what I say I crumbled the letter and threw it away
My pen it is sometimes dull I need to refill it so that it will do it all
My pen is the best of all cause it helps me show you what was inside of my mind and all
My pen creates a masterpiece

Here it lays ready for the next project in the coming days.

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Beneath the Moon’s Beam

Tell me once more how thin lips reign above all,
How such a paralytic poison can co-exist with such an invigorating cure?
How such a beauty hath slit my achilles—indeed you are the siren, and I, the wolf attentive to your call.

Tell me your radiance was meant to illuminate my darkest, most ghastly corridors—embrace this monstrosity I have become and we shall share in a love eternal: in this you can rest assured.
I once roamed these pastures in dire straits; feasting on the tart flesh of unsuspecting nomads, now my salivating jowls wish to grip no other’s neck,
Thine murmurs upon the crest of the moon beckons my soul’s bottomless void,
Enchanted by these whispers once heard wholly as a speck.

Tentatively I gleaned your exquisite beauty from afar; my weary eyes piercing through the tufts, yours was a hymn I could not avoid,
A sonnet that danced in the pits of my core, your benevolence satiated this once insatiable void.

Enchanted by such a melody; a cacophony only an angelic choir could parallel,
I stepped forth from the shadows as I was; a man-wolf disarmed, only to have a net thrown over my malformed body–I was ensnared by this woodland jezebel!
Such trickery! My senses hath been disarmed by your divine silhouette—now I see clearly your halo was merely a rouse in the shade of the night,
Come closer to this net, foul woman! Confront me if you so dare!
Now I see where your horns spring forth upon thine devilish face—such a beast revealed in the glow of the moon’s beaming light.

Yet you never did release me from that trap, instead you placed a bowl beneath my hanging body; I felt a sharp object pierce the side of my torso that instantly drew blood–death was near,
Flowing into that silver bowl like a crimson stream—you grinned ever so oddly; I felt life slipping away, I finally would be released from this curse–soon the moon I would no longer fear.
I suppose, when dusk draws near, and the light illuminates the angels we’ve perceived within our dreams,
We are all monsters of a different light, all devils of nightmarish origins exposed beneath the moon’s beam.


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How second love is better than first love ?

Who gives a damn about first love?

Give a big round of applause for your second love because they taught you that love still exists after you thought it never could again.
Somewhere it is true, isn’t it?

A person should have lots of guts to fall in love for the second time. Generally, people avoid falling in love for the second time because they had the bad experience in their past relationship so-called “FIRST LOVE”.

I am sure that we all aware of this fact that “we fall in love with a most unexpected person at the most unexpected time” so second love is just like that.

My all concern is here are the perks of the second love, I am not belittling the first love, obviously, first love always has a special place in the heart.


Once you fall in second love you make sure it lasts forever. In second love you choose the person very carefully because you don’t want to get hurt again so you do put all efforts to make it lasts.

You get so attached to that person more than you were ever with anyone that’s why second love grave in your heart.

So, keep on reading to know the perks of second love…

Second love has healing power. You must have heard that “everyone is hungry for love, be it animal or human”. Its a basic nature of human that they attracted to people who love them and do care it makes you feel better.

It gives you strength. After the breakup, it helps you in moving on and helps you in overcome from the past. It gives you an unconditional support also gives you another reason to stay happy.

After breakup from the first love no doubt that second love is more intense because you both do lots of effort to keep it deep strong and trustful and you guys want to spend more and more time together and because of that you get crazier for each other.

It gives you the sense of security after the breakup because you know that you both are serious about the future and you are not fooling with your partner because you had enough for the first time and you put every step very carefully because you know that your first relationship was not secure.

Second love helps in deep understanding because the mistake you have done in the first relationship you will not repeat in second love because of that you communicate better and you can communicate through your eyes and even you can understand your partner’s silence moreover you know that in what situation your partner will react in which way.

In second love pampering comes naturally and it becomes normal you pamper your partner like he/she is your baby. It is always better than first love. Pampering completes the incomplete love. You tend to make each other as happy as you can.

Here experience plays an important role. Now you know that what leads you to an argument so you pay more attention to your tongue and you will think before speaking anything.

In your heart deep fear of losing is what makes the commitment to second love. You are more committed to your second love because you can’t afford to lose them who makes you feel better and is the reason for your happiness.

Now you know how to tackle your partner in different circumstances. So here your partner develop faith in you because he/she knows that if he/she will not be able to stand so you are there for them this makes your relationship more strong and deep.

After being hurt from the first breakup second love has greater chances to last long because as I said above that you put all your efforts to make it forever and in many cases second love reaches that point where you guys are ready to annoy each other for the rest of your life.

P.S. Let me know in comments is your second love is better than first love?



About The Author: Rashmi is a soul who wanders around the world of magical words.She is one of the Blogger whos Growth I have witnessed since the starting of her journey.And to be honest she has put that feeling in her  words which can touch your heart and hold you for long. 

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Moment of Love

Time freezes, the world stops and life momentarily ceases to exist.. Everyone and everything seems to disappear and all that is left is you and I.. Nothing else seems to matter anymore, nothing else seems important.. As I stand here frozen somewhere between space and time I begin to crave your body, I wish to make it mine.. As you strip for me and lay back on the bed a million nasty thoughts of what I’m about to do to you run swiftly through my head.. You motion me to come closer with your finger and bite your lip, and I try my best not to become lost in your eyes. As I rip my clothes off and crawl onto the bed positioning my hips right between your thighs. Forcing your legs up in the air a bit so your feet wrap around my waist. I lean down to kiss your lips and you wrap your arms around my neck pulling me in closer, I kiss my way down to your neck making my way to your chest.. Teasing you with my tongue, sucking them causing them to become erect. I feel you start to whine your hips against mine, teasing me with your wetness I feel it and start to throb and become stiff between my legs. Longing, craving to be inside of you.. I take your hands and lock your fingers together so I can pin your arms above your head with one hand, and with the other, I reach down and start to guide myself in your tight, dripping aquafina. At first driving you crazy as I tease you with just the tip, flicking it back and forth stimulating your already sensitive clit.. As I penetrate you I reach up and grab your neck forcing you to look me in my eyes, careful not to blink even for a second so I can see the expression on your face as I go deeper inside you slowly, forcing you to take every inch.. You resist the urge to roll your eyes back and all you can do is moan and bite your lips.. As I press my hips up against the back of your thighs reaching as deep as I can go I lean in to kiss your lips once more, thrusting myself slowly in and out of your tight pussy and every time I do I feel your walls clench a little tighter around my cock.. Your arms still wrapped around my neck I feel your nails dig deep into my flesh, the pain mixed with pleasure is enough to drive me insane, I feel myself losing control.. Lifting your legs back more bending your knees till they touch your chest, my hands gripping tightly on the back of your thighs as I keep looking in your eyes increasing the speed and length of my strokes.. Your moans get louder until they turn to screams, my name escaping from your lips when you can no longer hold it in.. “Fuck Baby  keep going just like that baby you’re gonna make me cum, this Sugar Walls is gonna cum for you ..” Like music to my ears your words simply run right through me almost as if you aren’t speaking to me at all, but instead speaking to my soul.. Leaning into you again to kiss your lips one last time, your legs pressed back still, your body trapped underneath me and completely at my mercy.. Its as if the spark of our kiss ignites a fuse and the countdown to your release begins.. Your legs begin to shake and your nails dig deeper into my skin, your moans slip out from between our lips locked together and you flex every muscle in your body.. Everything stops, my heart feels as though for a moment it does not beat, and then it happens, you release..My head on your chest, feeling your heart beat so fast as if it is trying to escape from your body.. Using the last of your strength to wrap your arms around me and run your fingers through my hair.. As I kiss and lick the sweat from your skin, still trying to catch my breath as I breath you in.. My lips pressed firmly against your flesh my eyes closed but I do not fall asleep, I’d rather stay awake and enjoy the warmth if your embrace, this is better than my dreams..

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You’re the Boss but always remember that I too am the Bossette

‘I cut my nails every Fridays.’ Surbhi said to her husband Anshul as she stared at his back, he was brushing his teeth in preparation to come to bed, he paused when she said that, he would have turned to look at her but he saw approaching from the mirror that hung over the hand wash basin.

‘Ok dear wife, today is Saturday you will have to wait till Friday then.’ He said and nodded, was she lacking what to tell him.

True that some times after having lived together for long some couples lack what to say to one another, but he knew his Surbhi very well, she has never been the type to run out of words or moves.

He felt her caress on his back, he paused the brushing and a knowing smile formed at the side of his lips as he looked at her. She was absolutely stunning, she had obviously taken extra time to look that gorgeous in the lingerie she was wearing.

‘Hurry up and come to bed.’ She said in a sexy voice, she was leaning on him and her low cut lingerie offered more than enough view to Anshul. He absolutely loved it when she seduced him, it was unnaturally arousing to him.

He was so lost in imagining the things that were about to go down after he finished brushing and looking at her chest that he did not notice when she a took a bath jell, flicked open the cap and squeezed more than enough on the tiled floor.

She returned it and carefully walked over to sit on their bed where Anshul could see her very well, she crossed and crossed her legs at intervals.

When Anshul finished rinsing his mouth he turned quickly to face his wife, he looked at her to his fill then he began walking towards her.

Anshul was not expecting the fall, as soon as he stepped on the bath jell his foot propelled him forward making him fly up a little before hitting the hard floor, he let out a shout and his wife ran there.

‘Oh my God, what happened.’ She said fussing over him.

‘Ah, ah ah, my back, my waist, my head.’ He whimpered.

Surbhi helped him to the bed, the pain was searing throughout his entire body.

‘How did you fall.’ She asked.

‘I don’t know.’

Let me get you pain killer.’ She said and gave him two tablets.

Anshul swallowed them and laid down only to meet more discomfort on his bed, it was abnormally hard and irregullar he turned and tossed until his stomach started acting up, then he had run to the toilet to release his bowels.

He visited the toilet more than 10 times before morning and when ever he laid down he couldn’t get a comfortable spot on his side of the bed.


‘How was your night.’ Surbhi asked him in the morning.

‘Not good at all, I was purging all night.’

‘Ahh sorry, can you come to the dining table? Food is ready.’

Anshul managed and walked to the dining table, his wife dragged out a chair for him, he sat letting his weight fall on the chair as he was tired. As soon as his bottom touched the chair he let out an ear piercing scream and jumped up quickly, three long sewing needles were stuck to his bottom.

‘Oh my, I must left these needles here after sewing on your loose buttons yesterday.’ Surbhi said cupping her cheeks, an apologetic frown on her face.

‘Just pull them out.’ Anshul barked and she removed them one by one.

Finally Anshul sat down to have his meal, Surbhi served him the food.

His bones were sore from the fall the previous night, his butt was sore from the needle pricks needless to talk about his endless trips to washroom during the night and his bed that felt like stones were wedged underneath them.

Absent mindedly he took a spoonful to his mouth. The food had barely Settled in his mouth before he flung the spoon across the room and spat out the food, tears were rolling down his cheeks as he screamed.

‘Water, water please, pepper, ahhhh, ahhhhh pepper.’ He said as he moved about.

‘Oh sorry o! I must have put it thinking it to be jollof rice spice, you know it is also red in colour.’ Surbhi said apologetically.

‘I don’t know the colour just give me water.’ He wailed sticking out his tongue like a dog.

Surbhi handed him a plastic cup which he began to gulp down, after a gulp, he flung the cup and began screaming again.

‘Hot water!, Hot water Surbhi do you want to kill me? He said falling to the floor exhausted he winced as he fell on his bottom.

‘No but I always cut my nails on Friday.’ She said crouching beside him.

‘So, is that why you want to kill me?

‘Yesterday was Saturday and I saw nail marks on your back, I didn’t make them which means you slept with another woman who left those marks on your back.

A look of horror was on his face and Surbhi was enjoying every bit of it.

‘I know you cheated so I decided to punish you, I poured the bath jell that made you slip, I gave you laxative to help your bowel movements, you know those two tablets they weren’t pain killers they were laxatives.’

‘Surbhi you’re my wife, why ?

‘Because I can’t let you get away with cheating, I also put hard stones on your side of the bed so you experience discomfort, I stuck those needles there facing up, finally the pepper and the hot water too were on purpose.’ She with iced toned voice.

He was gaping at his wife he had absolutely no idea she was capable of such.

‘I know you’re the Boss but always remember that I too am the Bossette.’ She said and left him on the floor.



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The Game

Kanika and Isha entered the dimly lit lounge at about half-past ten.

Kanika saw him first. He was tall with rakish good looks. “He’s cute!” she thought. She winked at Isha, made her way to the bar and stood next to him. He smiled at her, “Hi, I’m Sumit. And you must be Kanika.”

She was taken aback. “How do you know my name?”

“Dance with me,” he said as he led her to the dance floor. Kanika looked around and saw Isha talking to the guy with the mop of curly hair.

The music beats quickened. Kanika was forced to concentrate so she could keep up with his pace. Sumit was an accomplished dancer, not faltering even once. She realized she was enjoying herself. Though she was still wondering how he knew her name.

His arm around her waist, he led her to the far end of the lounge. “Kanika, wait here. I’ll be back in a Minute.” She sat on the sofa, not quite sure what to expect. She couldn’t see Isha. And Sumit acted like they knew each other. She was certain she’d never set eyes on him before.

“Here,” he handed her the margarita. Kanika’s favourite beverage. She sipped it slowly, collecting her thoughts.

“Sumit, how do you know so much about me?”

He said softly. “Look at me. What do you see? Wait, let me spell it out for you. ‘About 25′. ‘Brown Hair’, ‘Tall’, ‘Great dancer.’ ‘Knows me well.’ Don’t you remember?”

Kanika was bewildered. “Remember what?”

He said quietly. “That you created me. I am the product of your imagination. From the contest, you won last year.”

It came back to her now. She enjoyed sketching. And when one of the online gaming portals she often visited announced a ‘Create A Character’ contest, she sent her entry. She remembered being happy with the prize money of $500 she received. The rules said the drawing should be accompanied by a detailed description of the character’s personality and the contestant’s interests. The portal wanted to make the character seem “lifelike.” She’d sent a long wishlist for the sheer fun of it.

She said to him mockingly. “So, what you’re saying is that you are ‘Sumit’ from the gaming site?”

He nodded. “Affirmative.”

“Really?” she asked disbelievingly.

“Log in. Now. Look for me.”

She did. The touchscreen on her cell phone blinked ‘Hello Kanika’

She typed. ‘Where is Sumit’

Her cell phone blinked ‘He is in the Lounge. With you.’

She typed again. ‘Where is Sumit’

‘Sumit’s not here. He is with you.’

She gaped at Sumit, who groaned, “Don’t ask for me more than once. I think it causes my head to ache. Must be something to do with pixels and gravity. And for God’s sake, please log out.”

She sat back on the sofa, completely flummoxed.

Handing her a glass of water, he said gently, “Kanika, I have no idea how this happened. But I am here. For now. I know I have to go back into the gaming software soon.” He had a sad smile on his face.

“Is this some kind of a joke? Or are you an online stalker freak?” she asked angrily.

“No, I am not a freak. Please, Kanika. Don’t analyze this. I have no answers. You are safe with me. Probably safer with me than any other man from the ‘real’ world. I am not a rapist, stalker or murderer. I don’t shoot school children. Remember you created the ‘perfect’ me. With all the goodness from your heart. There wasn’t a single mean personality trait you put on that list Kanika.”

He added. “Talk to me. Let’s have fun while it lasts. You have nothing to lose, do you?”

She sighed. “Okay. Makes sense.”

They talked for a while. She was surprised how much he knew about her. He was a great listener. He could empathize. When the timezone was in his favour, he’d read every line on the file they had tagged ‘Winning Entry.’

Surprisingly, she instinctively knew she could trust him. They danced one more time.  Not speaking. Simply being.

“What if I want to see you again?” she whispered to him.

“I don’t think it works that way. I somehow showed up today in a real-world setting. It is as weird to me as it is to you. I almost pixelated into nothingness when you walked in. Proof that you are real and I am not,” he said looking at her helplessly.

Her cell phone rang. It was almost 2:00 in the morning. It was her Mom. She suddenly remembered she had to take her for a health checkup that morning.

“Sumit, I have to leave now. Come with me. You are already in the real world.” She said urgently.

“No Kanika, I can’t leave with you. From what I understand of my situation, I have the Cinderella curse. Look at my hands,” he said. She could see them turn hazier every few seconds.

They kissed one last time. She walked out the door, trying hard not to cry.  Isha came running behind her, “Kanika, wait for me! Where were you? I’ve been looking all over! Hey wait up!”

“Did you see him?” Kanika asked Isha.

“Who? That drop-dead gorgeous guy who monopolized all of your attention? Did you get his number?” she teased.

“Yes. Him. Sumit. I mean no, I didn’t.” Kanika said nothing more. The story sounded ridiculous to her own ears.

Upon reaching home, she lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. Had she been hallucinating? No. Isha had seen him too.

And he was exactly like how she had sketched him. And in the description, she’d sent them.

At about 3:00 in the afternoon, she logged in from her desktop at the office.

She typed. ‘Where is Sumit’

Her monitor blinked.


Hello Kanika. This is Sumit.
Welcome My Darling.
To the cruel kindness of our love
Caught in the static flow of time.
A bittersweet existence
The only choice in this virtual reality’


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He sat on the shore and let the saline air hit his face and body. The blue light being scattered away, the sky was filled with a red orange glow. The sun was setting into the horizon, creating quiet a scene that no one could resist looking at the beauty of it.

But, his eyes were not looking at the wonderful sight, they were actually staring into the distance. His thoughts were filled with her, her smile, her eyes, her visage. He shook his head trying to clear his mind. “Enough is enough”, he thought.
His vision now not being blinded by his thoughts, he tried to chew in his surroundings. He noticed the light blaze in the dusking sky. It looked like the light was slowly fading, taking away all the beauty from the sky. Something made him metaphorize this to his own life. His thoughts immediately drifted to her. He imagined how his sky would be if his light faded away. The anxiety and the insecure feeling that came from this thought made him realize what a fool he was to let her go. He glanced at his watch, he still had like 15min to reach her, before she left town for college. “If she leaves before I reach her, that’s it she’s gone forever “, he thought. He stood up on his feet, tightened his shoe laces and started running. He ran like his life depended on that. Who is he kidding? Of course, his life depended on it, she was his life. He did not slow down his pace, until he saw the blue Corolla parked outside the gate. He finally saw her, trying with great effort to lift the huge luggage to put it in the trunk. He walked towards her, trying not to attract any attention.
“Lemme do it”, he told and gently grabbed the bag from her hand. She turned around after giving out a loud squeak, shock taking over her beautiful face. He placed the bag on the trunk and looked at her.
“What are you doing here?”, she questioned him, placing her hands on her hips and adding an extra effect to the dramatism.
“Came to see you of course”, he told in a very casual tone with a pinch of desperation in it.
“I thought we….”, she started
“Ended things, I know”, he cut in.
He felt that there was no time to waste or any chances to take. He thought the only option was to do something which would swipe her off her heel. He bent on his knee and held her hand.
“Sweetheart, I know we are terrible for each other. I know we fight every living hour. I also know that this would continue. But I also happen to know that, I am crazily, madly and uncontrollably in love with you and you know why? It’s ‘cuz of the fights we have and the way the intensity of our love grows with each and every fight. I know this is too much but I also happen to know one more thing. I wanna spend my life with you. I want you by my side every single day. I wanna marry you. So please, will you marry me?”, he finished his proposal without a pause and looked at her. He noticed her eyes turn glossy. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but hesitated.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have a ring right now”, he added and looked at her, expectantly. She bent down and slowly, smoothly, swiftly placed her lips over his. Well, that’s all he needed for an approval!


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