Love letter to my love

22 Jul

I am not a flirt ,it juz tat I really happen to b in love wid u totally of course love needs time to grow bt dun noe y ur presense does something to ma whole system ,I feel frozen I dun noe tat u ill belive it or not something mystic happens to me when I c u or talked 2 u sumthing in air probably makes it happen it sounds crazy I no end a lil bit flattering too but it is true all of it I tried to excuse my heart with many explanation bt I could not keep u out of it u r like a strong wind broken all d doors nd windows of my heart destroying all d sense in fact when I knew I was in love wid u I realize u are my relief..for which i was wating 4 a long tym

There are no words to express how i feel about you… I constantly search for the words, and they all seem less then what I truly feel. You are my LiFe, my HeArT, and my SoUl, you are my FrIeNd, You are my one true LoVe……..You mean the world to me and i care about you so deeply that it hurts for the time that we are not together each day…..My every though and breath, i draw from you and i truly do love you…… I love u and u are my world. You are my sweetest, most precious girl in my life….. All my life i prayed for someone like you and i thank god i finally found u sweetheart…..!!!Love promise me that your love will always be mine. I know in my heart our love will never die. You will always be a part of me and i am part of you indefinitely….. I don’t find enough words to describe how i feel about you… U possess all the colour and beauty of heavens, lush and satiny… I am thinking about you. We are so close here……it’s not like i am feeling that i want to let u know again how much i am i love with u…..You are a girl every boy is dreaming about and thts not all….., u are all mine. I dont know what i did good in this life to deserve u but have must been doing something very good in my life…. Being wid u makes me feel like the entire world is mine..Your undying faith is what keeps the flame of our love alive… U and me together can make magic…. I think we are a perfect match.. Thinking of you fills me with wonderfut feeling. You never give upon me and thats what keeps me going… You are simply iressistable…You always say what i need to hear, u have taught me the true meaning of love is…. What u mean to me….and u mean everything to me… U are my theme for a dream.. U have shown me countless times how u care and how much u believe in me…….

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Posted by on July 22, 2014 in love


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