I Am Angry Indian

10 Mar

i am an indian male. and i am angry. i am angry because i never turned out to be the quintessential patriarch of the indian society. angry because i feel the pain of women. angry because i feel like shit for what happens around with women. angry because i feel responsible for making a human environment for women to live in our country. angry because when a guy leches at a woman impaling her dignity, i want to rip his eyes out. angry because i get scorned for accidentally touching a woman just because she hasn’t known better. angry because a group of men rape a girl and brutally hurt her to death in a way which even the wild beasts can’t fathom. angry because the same men have the audacity to say that it was the fault of the woman. angry because when i try to share a documentary based on these statements and the underlying mindset, the government bans it. angry because many people ask me why is it not right to ban it. angry because i want to slam these people with questions like ‘abbe chutiye tune dekhi documentary? apna chehra dhone ke jagah sheesha saaf karne ki chutiyapanti kab chhodoge?’. angry because i know that there is still a large percentage of people in india who think that being raped is a woman’s fault. angry because i want to slap them each single time they spew such shit. angry because instead of hanging those rapists, our government is more concerned about india’s image and banning videos. angry because i see despair in eyes of women i know. angry because i see them as my love, my friends, my colleagues, and more than that, humans. angry because i want to feel proud of this country. angry because i can only cry on a shitty little page on facebook like others, and be judged and preached to bring REAL change in the society rather than ranting. angry because i want the next generation to live a fear free life absent regressive mindset. angry because it is the need of today. angry because it is the bridge to a better tomorrow. i am angry

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