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I see your light! I see your soul! Let it shine
Release the dark clouds of negativity. Let go of your old perceptions weighing you down. Say goodbye to the energy vampires feeding off your soul. .

YOU are LOVE. Feel it. Know it. See it. Be it. Share it.
This journey through life has ups and downs, easy and difficult times, peace and chaos, joy and sorrow, etc., so I am not suggesting a life can be lived solely on the positive side. However, I am here to tell you with certainty that a life can be lived in peace. .

When one is not at peace, the tidal waves of life can swallow us whole, dragging us undertow, pulling us farther and farther from the shore of life. .

Yet, a peaceful life tames the current, keeps the waves at a soft lapping, and allows you to float across life’s experiences with a smile on your face, and love in your heart.
A very big life lesson that I have personally learned is how detrimental “resistance” of any kind is, and can be, on a person’s energetic balance and peaceful state. Its important to learn to make positive changes where possible, and either accept or let go of what is out of your control. .

The same in meditation. Positively guide, accept and let go… Do not resist. Quiet your mind/thoughts. Soon you will enter the peaceful place where your soul resides. Listen. Feel. Be. . Peace be with you.



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