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Let’s begin

As you begin to step into your power there will be those who will indirectly take from you, who will dress up in all black like theives of the night and take what is not theirs, completely forgetting that your soul will carry through that which is stolen. There will be people who would rather die before admitting to be inspired by you. And you will always find them lurking right around the corner watching your every movement trying to understand how it is you are able to dance in such a way. Nowadays these people would be classified as “haters”. Remember that immitation is truly a form of flattery. The ones who this is directed to, you definitely know exactly who you are and I am very flattered to know that you are so provoked by my work that you cant even admit it. Give me another 10 years. I have gone through the wrenches, read hundreds of books, been through hell, and wrote till my hands felt broken, to get to where I am as a writer. Without the pain of going through what it takes to create a writer you will eventually dry up or get exposed as someone who cant find their own fountain of inapiration. Do not ever let these people discourage you, they are just one of those little rocks on the road of becoming a master at what you do. One love ❤


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