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Why Relationships Fail

Love Relished With Ink

There are several reasons why relationships fail, and very few reasons why they succeed. If TRUE love is your goal, you won’t find it by building your relationships on earthly foundations. Soul mates cannot be found through worldly means. Whatever image you’ve created of your soul mate, the beautiful woman with the piercing eyes, or the handsome man with the chiseled features; these are rarely more than superficial fantasies. As long as you’re searching for that perfect IMAGE, you will prevent yourself from seeing your true soul mate when your paths actually do cross.

So how has romance treated you thus far? Have you been successful? Is this your first relationship? If it is, and it has the right elements, you may have that happily ever after ending you’ve been searching for. But if those elements are missing, or you’ve had more than one failed relationship in the past, chances…

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Time…..About to stop

Love Relished With Ink

The person you are trying to call is busy at the moment. Please hold the line or try again later.’ He tried calling her again. A text message replied “Busy, Talk later”. He had called his “Once a Best friend” after some three years.
That very night, she called him up sounding puzzled. “So, you want to meet me? But why?”
“I just want to..,” in a polite manner, “Please, just for an hour?”, He pleaded.
He reached the venue well before time. She came 10 minutes late. He did not complain though.
They just walked along the shore, well, in reality, they were walking down the memory lane. Nostalgia had hit them both. The silence that was once so soothing had now become awkward. To break the silence she exclaimed as to how difficult it was for her to get a half day leave from her office and he…

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