The Goodbye

17 Sep

I know a day will come when we will have to say goodbye, that’s why I want to fall in love with you every day until I die.. I’ll give you everyday of the rest of my life, no one else could ever take your place.. It never occurs to people that death is inevitable in life and even when you find that person you want to spend forever with you really can’t because you forget that forever doesn’t really exist.. Life exists, for a time and season, someday we will both will die and most likely one before the other.. How could we ever waste one day, have an argument, waste one single precious second of something we know wont last forever.. I need every moment I can get, every minute you can spare, and I will give you everything I can possibly give.. I want to learn to love you so deep down that it touches your soul, touches the very being that lives within your heart, I want it to remember me.. Because on that fateful day when life here ends and our souls go their separate ways into eternity, I want mine to follow yours.. To the gates of heaven, or the depths of hell.. It wouldn’t really matter as long as I could spend forever with the beauty inside you that made me love you for all of my days on this earth..


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Posted by on September 17, 2015 in love, random thoughts, short write up


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