Life and Love

11 Oct

Life and Love are like destinations on the map.
You look at the directions to the right road it it takes you to the desired location.
On the map there are freeways, highways, routes, but only the road that matter is what you have to stay on.
There are shortcuts but it doesnt show your patience in achieving what you truly want. There are stops you could find to lay back and take it easy, but you only take a small rest to get back on the road otherwise too much time has been wasted and nothing more was accomplished. When your unlucky you take the wrong turn and hit a dead end, you have to start all over and drive from there.  Take the wheel. Position the Stick on Drive. Press your foot on the gas pedal softly. Be Patient and take the directions from the map, dont cheat and use shortcuts, dont lie to yourself and waste time, dont speed the car otherwise the map wont be there for you when you drove too fast and missed your turn. For those who read the Map correctly, you made it, you found Love at last.  Now read the Map again and your next trip awaits for when new surprises await after Love and which you have started your life. This is only the beginning of something special, take the keys, drive the car, start your Journey. Life and Love are like destinations on the map 🙂


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Posted by on October 11, 2015 in random thoughts


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