My First Crush

15 Oct

wake up in the morning and her face flashes in my
sleep deprived eyes instantaneously. I couldn’t
sleep tonight, again, as i was thinking about the
ways to express my love for her. I wrap my quilt
tightly around me and think about line i had
rehearsed last night. My mother tells me to wake
up…i jump out of the bed and run to bathroom.
Mom is astonished to see me so excited to take
bath but i want to be fresh and presentable for her.
I sprint downstairs, after looking for umpteenth
time in mirror, combing my hair, to get at bus stop
swiftly to grab extra 5 minutes of day to be with
I admire her lips, blabbering something to her
friends and her animated slender fingers, a trace of
exaggeration. I sit at seat beside her and think of
all the plannings. When I call her and she nods
towards me, i am nothing but flabbergasted. I
become mum and sit quietly, sneering at my friends
comments and wetting my pants, hey not by what-
u-think, my palms are wet, i am nervous man.
I accuse my friends as villain in my love story. Tell
them to leave me alone. I sit at the back and
admire the way, she has done her hairs. look at her
back and fantasize about hugging her and kissing
her neck. Just when i am fading away, Seeta ma’m
asks me to recite the rest of poem to the class and
i am like… what the fuck..i get punished for being
mentally absent in the class. I am overjoyed to
stand outside and to peek at her lovely face from
window. Pinky ma’m, slaps my head and scolds
me. She, as others too, looks at me and i am so
elated because of our eye contact.
She asks me in lunch about pinki
scolding and i tell her the truth, biting my nails.
When she gathers that i was looking at her, she
giggles and tap my forehead, declaring me crazy.
And i am sure she loves me too..Time to make my
final move..I corner my Best friend and force him to
accompany me for the mission.
He explodes and laugh like maniac.Next moment is
one of the toughest moment, i would ever have.
Manu tells me that she is already committed with
school head-boy.
OMG!!I am shattered.I don’t belong to this world
anymore. I skip my lunch and sit at my last
bench,head down, telling every one that i have
headache. For rest of 3 periods, i look at her with
mournful eyes,full of longing. I think of the ideas to
kill her boyfriend and fill with jealousy when i see
her laughing with her friend. she, reason for my
miserable condition, is laughing..It’s unbearable. I
look away……i am tough guy now…i have made
my mind…i won’t stagger this time…
after departure.. i go to manu and tell him finally…
“buddy…let her go to hell…..i have had enough of
by the way..that friend of hers is damn charming
and sexy yaar..I think I am in love with her..Come
home this evening..we will plan something..”
Vow…it feels be in TRUE love..

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