From a lover’ diary -“The First encounter “

16 Oct

I remember that night so well.
We were a little inebriated, but not drunk. I had wanted you since I saw  you. And you had your own fantasies hidden away. We were many years apart. It was such a sweet taboo. And completely unplanned

I remember the moment my bold arm went around your shoulders. How you folded gently into me, your small hand making the muscles of my stomach ripple beneath its almost imperceptible caress. We both knew then. And the certainty was far, far more intoxicating than the red wine we were sipping.

We found our way into your room. I think we chose yours because it made you feel safer, more in control. Although of course it was an illusion. You put your arms around my neck. I stopped your lips with my fingers and whispered ‘my rules’. You nodded and instinctively put your hands behind your back. My mouth was dry with desire.

I turned you around. The top of your lovely head was beneath my chin. I took off my silk tie and covered your eyes, securing it with a knot at the back. I stroked your bare arms and softly kissed the nape of your neck. From behind I ran my hands over the gorgeous, impossibly petite body I had coveted for so long. The dress you’d bought especially for the evening slid to the floor with an elegant sigh.

Our lovemaking was a strange, wild, erotic, uninhibited mixture of intimate vanilla and chocolate There was not a single part of each other that our fingers and mouths didn’t find, cover and enjoy. I spanked your perfect peach of an arse until you cried out, grinding yourself against my thighs. I squeezed your nipples while you moaned, your head thrown back. You took me in your mouth so deeply I thought you would swallow me.

I have no idea where the hours between the first midnight embrace and our early morning exhaustion went. There were moments of pure delight that even now make me catch my breath.

I have replayed them in my mind so often that all the colours are beginning to fade


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Posted by on October 16, 2015 in lust


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