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Let’s start it again

I know these  flowers;
Can not undo what’s been done,
And I know they can not say sorry,
For all the things I did wrong,
Please don’t take them as an apology,
But only as a gift,
Like when we  talk for the first time,
And how u makes me laugh ,

Let this be the first step again ,
To something new,
Take these roses
As a token of friendship,
Each one hard earned,
A link that will last,
The thorns will ensure,
That they’ll never be striped,
No sympathy please,
The past is the past,
Take this as an engagement,
To continue to move forward,
A personal gift,
Like the first gift given ,
No riddles, no questions,
Just asking something straight forward
Just like taking a bite
Out of the fruit that’s forbidden

|| Read it some where… I don’t know the exact source ||


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