That Night

01 Nov

Nikki was laying on her living room floor watching TV and playing with her dog. When her mom turned to her and asked,”Who is Aryan  on your messenger?”

Nikki freaked out and told her with out thinking my best friend

” Well I am going to talk to him about what you two did this summer.”

Nikki begged her not to talk to him, because she knew she would never be allowed to talk to him again if she did.

” I don’t want you to talk to Nikki anymore” her mom types to him.

Nikki felt the tears forming in her eyes, as her mother went on how she never wanted them to see each other again. She was crying by the time her mother got off. All she could do is tell her mom to go to hell, and never talk to her again. 

Her mom said,” I am doing this for you honey, you will thank me one day.”

Nikki looked her dead in the eyes and screamed,” You really think taking my best friend, the love of my life, the only person who makes me whole away from is going to do better for me, are you f***ing nuts, you psycho b****. I hate you and never want to see you again.”

A half of an hour later she got on the net, signing off of her brothers name,and on to hers. She realized he was still on. All she could think of was how it was over. All her friends buzzing her saying hey, but the only thing she knew was good-bye.

“Good-bye…forever, my dear”, she typed slowly, then pressed the enter button, as slow as possible.

About two seconds later, he replied,” Good-bye, to you.”

She broke down and cried for half an hour, and as she cried she talked to him, their final good-byes. As they were talking she told him how she felt about him since they were so close of friends.The words that stuck out in her mind the next days were of his.

“I love you, too!”as he told her back.

She cried so many tears for him.For one month straight she hate to look at her mom, let alone talk to her, until one night she got tired of it and asked her to talk. 

She was happy when her mom agreed, but she didn’t think she would understand.

“I think that I should be aloud to talk to Tony again. He is the one person I love the most. He loves me more than anyone else. He really loves me back.” Nik said, to her barely listening mom.

“If you really loved him maybe you could talk to him again, but only talk to him, on the phone and on the internet, but not to see him again.”

That night she cried because she was happy…yet she was sad because she was not understanding why this was happening.

And in that contemplation she lost him forever, to someone who would never love him like she did.She still cries when she sees his pictures, because of all the times they had together.

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