The Problem of Dating

04 Dec
The Problem of Dating


Okay, I’ve been single for almost 4 and half year now and I’m finding the single life just as complicated as being in a relationship. What’s funny is that I quite enjoy being by myself. Not really alone, but enjoying a lot of people’s company and not just spending my time on one Girl. But, I can’t really say that I’m having the best time of my life being single either because sometimes, I do miss having someone to send a good night text to or having someone tell me she loves me, but when I remember just how much I had to lose in my last relationship, I am reminded of how much I still need to prioritize myself for now.

Being single means being able to go out with different people. I’ve been meeting a lot of Girls lately, though I haven’t really met someone I like. There’s this Miss. Intelligent who’s really nice but I do think we don’t have anything in common. I did enjoy my time with her and if only I wasn’t so busy last semester, I think it could have led to something more meaningful than just dating. Now, there’s Miss. Working Student. She’s good-looking but she seems to be too eager and when a girl seems to be too eager, it makes her look so fake. There’s also Miss. McDonalds who I haven’t given a chance yet.

I’m a bit getting tired of the redundancy that comes with meeting new people. They ask the same questions, you tell them the same answers and then they ask you out again. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the attention that these people give me, I am flattered by their admiration, but I’m just not enjoying it anymore. Maybe I’m getting old. :p

Or maybe they’re just not her. I don’t know.

But the best part of not having a girlfriend is that I can spend as much time on my friends as I want. They keep me sane but they drive me crazy, as well. I consider them the only constant thing in my life right now. My friends are mostly girls, so in every relationship that I had, my closeness with my friends has always been an issue.

This past year had been a rollercoaster ride. But I learned to enjoy every bit of it, all the ups and the downs, because honestly, I feel like I’m so much wiser now than before.


Posted by on December 4, 2015 in love


2 responses to “The Problem of Dating

  1. Illicit Chrysalism

    December 4, 2015 at 3:12 PM

    I second you on the problems of a single life! When you come out of a relationship, you’re only lucky that you’re not drawn into what people call ‘rebound infatuation’. I could relate to this post, well written!

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