Let start it again

08 Dec

If I only had that one chance to sit down and get to know you.
Our words might exchange to each others eyes but, what about our actions?
I told you I liked you but I am unsure of your answer.
I feel like a little boy again, crushing off words that never showed.
I feel like a little boy again, smiling at messages and just waiting for that one line I’m dying to see you say.
I feel like a little boy again, waiting to see you in my presence.
If I only had that one chance to be with you for a week and see if our words really fit our actions.
I mean we only went out one time, that was a,temple.
I mean that could count as our time spent together.
You were playing with my ear in the car as we left but, I wasn’t sure if that was you trying to get my attention.
Then I thought about it, maybe it was.
That was our only time together besides high school.
High school, can’t really get to know each other like grown adults because we were in mature.
Now, that we are out I wonder if things change.
Are we still going to beat around the bush like little high school kids and crushing on messages?
Or. ..
Are we going to sit down and actually get to know one another like adults?
I asked you about what do you think of when you see the word foundation in a friendship?
You said the exact words I was looking for.
You told me why you were single.
I mean u can recover from that hurt, I can honestly say.
I recovered from the pain I was feeling in the past.
Let’s build our foundation in our “Friendship”
See how this goes.
I’m really feeling your flavor and I can honestly say you are a girl that I am looking for.
Some how you clicked that “add friend” button and found me.
I’m glad you got back in touch with me.
God probably knew I needed you because our conversation has not stopped since that day.


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Posted by on December 8, 2015 in love


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