From a Lover’s Diary -” Another Night “

20 Jan

Another night you lay alone hoping she might call, another sleepless night filled with tears and wishing you never took that fall.. What’s it’s going to take to make you see, that she was never in love with you the way you thought he might be.. It pains me to think you lay awake so alone at night, willing to risk it all for someone, who for you, never even put up a fight.. You gave it all away, and she threw it all away.. It’s not your fault I just wish you could see that, I wish you could see that you were doomed from the start, and all she ever wanted was to tear you apart.. So now you cry at night and live a nightmare so it seems, unable to fall asleep, or perhaps just too afraid you still won’t find him in your dreams.. I wish that I could be there to wipe the tears away, because I know what it’s like to miss someone who promised they would stay.


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Posted by on January 20, 2016 in love


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