It’s hard losing someone that was there for you

10 Feb

It’s hard losing someone you love
Whether it be family or friends
You wish you can turn back time
And spend those few special moments with them again
Whether they died or not
It’s hard losing someone that was there for you
And when they aren’t there anymore
It feels like you’ve lost a part of you
A part that you want back but cant have
They taught you about life, hope, and the journey ahead
And you hope you did the same for them
Your love for them is like the wind
You can’t see it but you can feel it
If only that someone would just know that
They probably do, but they can’t show it
And if they do,
Don’t you wish that they would be there for you again?
Like it was in the old days
But not everyone gets what they want
It would be nice if we could just tell them
That they are our only hope
And that they were the greatest thing in our lifes
But they can’t hear or just won’t listen
When you were with them you felt beauty, joy, and love
But now they are gone
And it’s over!


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Posted by on February 10, 2016 in random thoughts


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