Need a Change

27 Feb

“She is free in her wildness,she is a wanderess,a drop of free water.She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs.’Time’ for her isnt something to fight against.Her life flows clean,with passion,like free water”….. Do you think its easy to be a girl in India or in this cruel world? Do you have any idea what a girl has to go through in her entire life? The pain she has to bear throughout, the partiality done with her, she is not allowed to even step out of the house, not even allowed to study!! Why do we consider the Females inferior to Males? What spectacular quality do we males have that we can treat a woman like this? Only a woman has the ability to change her name, her home and get settled with an absolutely new family and live with them for the rest of her life after marriage.
We tend to judge a woman so easily by her looks without even thinking of how she would feel, or how it will frame her image in front of the society!
Just because we are Males doesnt make us superior, equality of rights is what everyone needs!! You must have heard this your entire life that “Men dont cry” but what really matters is that if you are a real Man you wouldnt want to be the reason behind any woman’s tears whatever the reason maybe!
So start respecting a woman in whichever way you can 🙂 To all the beautiful women out there, you are in no way weaker than a man, neither there is a thing which you cannot achieve and a reall hatsoff to you people for existing 🙂 Yes you are a gift from God 😀

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Posted by on February 27, 2016 in random thoughts


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