From a Lover’s Diary -“Love Letter to He”

06 Mar
From a Lover’s Diary -“Love Letter to He”

I am shaking whilst writing this, the whole of my body is throbbing with insanity, the stuttering of my hand makes it impossible for me to hold the pen, speaks why the handwriting is shaky, I am brimming with curiosity, no doubt I am blissfuly tensed and sweating.
My love (i heard the lady downstairs), I have been visiting your den for the past weeks, I have, evidently, slept with so many girls here routinely, I have made myself recognisable amongst the lot, but never even for a second did I ever felt this undescribable rush that I felt last night, with you. I couldn’t sleep the whole night staring at the divine figure beside me, I kept looking at you like I shouldn’t, and God! You are heavenly. It felt like a lifetime, I didn’t want to touch you but feel you, I didn’t want to kiss you but taste your dry lips, I didn’t want to have sex with you but merge with your soul, I didn’t want to seductively bite your skin but feel your every bruises lovingly with my lips, why, even I don’t know. You doesn’t have a fair face or a charming smile but that cigarette burn on your left cheek is so sexy that it follows me everywhere and I can’t help not staring at it, your dreamy little eyes are always so much full of stories I always wanted to listen, your lined and working hands are not so brutally hard, your husky voice is a melody to the ear, your long tresses paints my bare skin so perfectly colorful, its so out of the world, this feeling. I feel right, for the first time in my life, about this. This feels so real, I had started doing this during bad days but I have suddenly started feeling I have something to finish, maybe its my call, certainly maybe it’s you. Life gave me ten reasons to stand back for myself but I chose to only notice the one reason out of it which pushed me further down, that was almost not true and surprisingly today I see just one reason amidst a body of all the wrong reasons to finally start anew, you. I don’t know I can cope up with this sudden rush but I think I know it’s nowhere near the end. Today I know, it’s You, it’s Us, it’s Love.
Your Lover

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Posted by on March 6, 2016 in lover's diary


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