Trust Yourself

09 Apr

It doesn’t have to be messy or hostile when you go.. Simply just go.. State your peace, explain if you feel you need to, you don’t have to though because you owe nothing to no one in this life but yourself and the universe.. They will more than likely try and flip things on you and make you seem like the bad guy for leaving, seeming to forget that you’re only leaving because of what they did.. Not everyone deserves a second chance and eventually you get hurt so much you become a little savage when it comes to cutting people off who disturb your peace.. Especially when you’ve worked so hard to get there.. So don’t feel bad, trust that your heart and mind are on the same page and no matter what the other person says or how they try and make you feel, just know that making any decision for the preservation of self is the RIGHT decision.. They will get over it and move on, and even if they don’t, not your fucking problem.. Their actions caused this to happen and if they had more strongly considered that before committing their acts then you wouldn’t be leaving.. Don’t let them make you feel bad in anyway for deciding that you love yourself more than they do and don’t let them talk you into sticking around for more of their bullshit.. Be strong, stand tall, love  yourself and carry on


Posted by on April 9, 2016 in random thoughts


2 responses to “Trust Yourself

  1. rutva3011

    April 16, 2016 at 1:33 PM

    By far my favorite piece.. I can actually relate to it

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