From a Lover’s Diary -“Allergic Date”

22 Jun

Should he send her flowers? They had been on two dates now, and he wanted to give her something. Did men even do that sort of thing anymore? Maybe it was too much. Everything seemed so complicated.
He hadn’t dated anyone for years, not since…..well not since Priyanka had hurt him so badly, he didn’t think he would ever recover. He still walked around wounded sometimes, and hoped no one would notice. But Ashmita had moved in, two doors down, a couple of months ago, in the middle of winter. Now everything had changed.
The great thing about Asmitha, was that she had become a friend before they started dating. He had met her as a result of the last big snow they had. He cleaned off her car, and shoveled her sidewalks, as he often did for the neighbors. She came to the door, stuck her head out to say thank you, wrapped in blankets, and holding a tissue  to her nose. “Are you sick?”, he asked. “Yes, the flu…” she wanted to say more but started coughing. Being the good neighbor again, he asked, “Do you need anything?” She hesitated….. but said yes, and that she would write it down.
Was it possible for a woman to look beautiful, when she had the flu? Well Asmitha did. He was surprised the list was so long, but he went to the store that afternoon. In addition to the usual things, like Biscuits , and chips, there were several prescriptions he needed to pick up at the pharmacy.
That’s how it began, and now he decided on yellow roses. She had said yellow was her favorite color, but he thought it would be better to hand them to her when they went out on Saturday. He smiled when he thought about what her reaction would be. They would be going to the movies, to see the latest science-fiction thriller. He had never met a woman before that actually liked science-fiction. Wasn’t that just a guy thing?
He was nervous that Saturday, he really wanted the date to go well. After the movie they would go to dinner, at the South Indian  restaurant, on 4th street. She walked over and rang the bell at 4:00, right on time. “Here we go – date number three!” In the kitchen he pulled the bouquet of twelve yellow roses out of the vase, wiped off the bottom, and headed for the door, smiling. He held them behind his back, to surprise her, as he opened the door. They were both grinning ear to ear, in the doorway, when he said, “Surprise!” He held them in front of her, just as she was inhaling, and got the shock of his life.
She yelled, “Oh no!” “….Flowers!” with a look of horror. She immediately began sneezing. He pulled the flowers back, dumbfounded. “Is something wrong?”, it was a stupid question, and he knew it as soon as he said it. She kept sneezing, but manage to get out the words, “I…..I….I’m allergic!” Were those hives on her face? She said she had to go, as she ran back to her house.
He felt just awful. It was the second worst day of his life. He promptly took the beautiful bouquet of yellow roses, and threw them in the trash. He was angry with himself for being such an idiot. So much for date number three! She would hate him for sure now.
The next morning he was surprised when his phone rang. It was Ashmita, and she started with, “I’m so sorry about last night!” He apologized too, and said it was his fault. “No, I forgot to tell you!”, she apologized again. She asked if she could come over. “I have a surprise for you!” She sounded excited about it, so he said to give him half an hour and he would be ready.
When she rang the bell thirty minutes later, she presented him with a beautiful coffee cake, and said “Ready for breakfast?!” The smell of the cake was intoxicating. He invited her into the kitchen, but started getting a strange itching feeling in his eyes. When he reached in the cupboard, for some plates, the idea came to him. “Can you tell me the ingredients of the cake?” She went down the list, and when she got to – peanuts he yelled, “I’m allergic!” In addition to the itching eyes, he started having a wheezing sound coming from his chest. Ashmita was horrified. “Should I call for help?!” He told her no, but she needed to take the cake outside. Tears were streaming down her face, as she took the cake and ran out of the house. It was another disaster.
He had an idea later that day. It was risky, but he decided to go for it. When he called her up, he could tell she had been crying. He apologized for not telling her about his allergy. It had never crossed his mind. And he said, “I have an idea”, “Yes?” Her voice sounded hopeful. “Why don’t we go out for coffee?” When she said ok, he told her to bring a notebook, and a pen. She sounded surprised but said she would.
When they sat in the coffee shop together, they were smiling now. He said they should make a list of everything they were allergic to and then give their list to the other person. She looked at him with her eyes sparkling. A man could get lost in those eyes, and he began drifting off to another world. He could think of nothing else…. but her….


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2 responses to “From a Lover’s Diary -“Allergic Date”

  1. Hema

    June 24, 2016 at 1:35 PM

    A cute love story sans allergies..:)

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