In you I am finding me reflected back

01 Aug

​You make me smile. You make me laugh. You take me to places in my head I hadn’t yet discovered.
I find that I am falling more and more with every passing day.
People told me don’t look, that’s when you’ll find it. They were right.
People told me I deserve moments, they didn’t lie.
I’ve been hurt. Hell, I’ve been scarred. You’ve come along and kissed those scars, your gentleness covering my wounds.
I’ve been lied too and torn to shreds. You’ve patiently picked up the pieces, helping me put them back on the page.
I’ve been taken for granted, diminished, made small. You’ve provided the ladder to help me feel tall.
I wasn’t sure but now I am. I was afraid, now I’m not.
In sadness I’ve found joy, in anger I’ve found release.
In you I am finding me reflected back
Days have turned into nights and nights into days, with each one that passes I only grow more certain of me, of you, of us.
Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for jumping in and taking my hand, encouraging me to leap.
People say that love is a risk. I don’t disagree. So is walking out your front door each morning, so is getting in the car. All of life is a risk. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live it.
Love is a risk but never taking the chance isn’t a risk, it’s a tragedy.
So I tell you that I’ll take the risk and take the chance. I’ll dive in and see what lays underneath waters that run oh so deep.
If it doesn’t work then it is a lesson learned, if it does, though, then that’s memories that I keep for life.
People say many things, today though I’ll listen to me. I’ll listen to my heart and listen to my voice. I’ll listen to the butterflies that beat inside my stomach whenever we touch. I’ll listen to the drumbeat of my heart whenever your near.
Today, my dear, I’ll listen to my voice. It says yes, it says fly. Let’s jump, let’s dive, let’s leap into this new unknown and together explore all that it has to offer in this new and fabulous life.


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