He had everything that day….but time

18 Aug

​The person you are trying to call is busy at the moment. Please hold the line or try again later.’ He tried calling her again.  A text message replied “Busy, Talk later”. He had called his “Once a Best friend” after some three years. 

That very night, she called him up sounding puzzled. “So, you want to meet me? But why?”

“I just want to..,” in a polite manner, “Please, just for an hour?”, He pleaded. 

He reached the venue well before time. She came 10 minutes late. He did not complain though. 

They just walked along the shore, well, in reality, they were walking down the memory lane. Nostalgia had hit them both. The silence that was once so soothing had now become awkward. To break the silence she exclaimed as to how difficult it was for her to get a half day leave from her office and he just smiled.
Suddenly, on the shore in front of her, he bent down on his knees. His hand went in his backside pocket and there came a rose. “For bearing me all this while, for understanding how important my dreams were to me, for being my best friend and for letting me go”, He said. 

There was a moment of silence. She did not know how to react and then she whispered some words…”What is this? Uh, I mean.. Why are you doing this?” His head was still down and He exclaimed, “I just have a month left with me now and Hence, I wanted to thank all the important people in my life and tell them how much they mean to me”. His clock was ticking and he could feel it. He had everything that day….but time!

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