Is Social Media is meant for  just to get attention?

13 Sep

I just want to know what makes a person think they can switch up on you day in and day out and still feel entitled to keep stringing you along.. It’s completely fucked up how you can give someone your all and they only give back when they feel it’s convenient for them.. Communication lacks, time spent together is few and far between, you fall hard for them and they don’t fall at all.. They talk to you when they want, see you when they want, and all other time is spent doing them while you stare at your phone and wait for a text back or possibly and invite to hang out and spend time with them.. Oh and God forbid if you decide to move on and seek what you desire in someone else.. They will be real quick to make you feel like shit for that.. I am just so over people in this day and age, no one has any  idea what the consequences of their actions are, no one has any depth or true understanding of long term gratification that love comes with.. Everyone is more concerned with getting attention on social media and temporary satisfaction from as many people as possible..

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Posted by on September 13, 2016 in random thoughts


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