A Bad Day 

23 Sep

Today was a bad day, I missed you a lot, not one of my better days, I got weak and broke down in tears just wishing I could see your face.. Wishing that I could hear your voice one last time just to tell me shit was gonna be ok.. I never believe those words coming from anyone else but you, so I guess that means I’ll never really believe that everything is gonna be alright ever again.. You’re gone.. Just gone.. One moment you were here and I loved you so deeply, the next moment none of that mattered because your soul had left this place.. All I was left with was the broken pieces of your slain body and blood stains on my shirt.. All my happy memories of you struggling to survive battling the terrible flashbacks and nightmares I constantly have of the night you were taken from me.. Today was just one of those days when I needed you most, a day like today one kiss from you or a simple feel of your embrace would of been all I needed to ease all my anger and frustrations away.. I just wish there was someway for me to guarantee that you knew I loved you before you took that last breath, I wish there was a way for me to reassure you that I still love you now.. Others have come and gone since you, I did my fuckin best not to compare or have any expectations of you they had to live up to.. But fuck.. How could I not.. I can’t forget you, trust me I tried because the pain has gotten so unbearable sometimes I think if I just forgot it all id somehow be better off.. But I can’t, and I won’t we both know that.. I just wish I could go visit you where ever you are.. Even if it was just for five minutes a day, just to see you smile and kiss your lips.. Man what I wouldn’t give for that, I swear if I could spend one more day with you and ensure that you could come back to live out your life I would ask God to strike me down right now where I stand and take me instead of you.. The world got cheated out of a great person, and I got cheated out of true love.. No one will ever take your place, nothing will ever make me forget your face..

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Posted by on September 23, 2016 in love, random thoughts


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