​From a diary of women

29 Sep

There are many who have their opinions about me. Many who say she has a terrible past, they say she’s been known to lose control, that she is a impatient manipulitive creature who can’t make up her mind. Her stars will prove it. They will say she runs away, she is emotionally crippled. She doesn’t trust easily and her spirit is damaged . That she speaks the words of love but doesn’t practice them every waking second of her day. Yes indeed I have made one too many mistakes. Yes I have manipulated, yes I have lied about being fine when it was the opposite, yes I have run away from people I love, yes I do lack trust in human beings on a personal level – I have been hurt very deeply in the past, and yes I have a history, one that is filled with addiction, panic attacks, chronic depression, health issues, and complete self destruction. I am no saint I am no God, and I don’t have to be in order to speak a universal truth. I am merely a soul looking to reconnect with myself. A human learning how to love myself, love others, seek my truth, heal, and be a part of the change this world needs and I know that only love can make that change. This journey is not easy for me, it has in fact been quite painfully damaging. I am saying this because I am sick and tiered of being attacked for my message because of who I am (someone who is not perfect). I never claimed perfection, I never claimed to like every single person I have met, I feel resistance and I do get sad and angry at times. Anyone who ever makes you feel like you are not good enough to spread a uplifting message “fuck them” yes I just said that. Do not let people like that bring you down, do not let people like that make you feel unworthy of making a change, and do not let them stop you. Sometimes things need to be spoken of in such a physical, second dimensional  way so that it could click into the minds of those who have the cruel audacity to belittle those who are trying to make a change in their lives and the world. I am not perfect and I am not ashamed of it. Go ahead try and break me, you will fail. I have nothing to hide. embrace authenticity


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2 responses to “​From a diary of women

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