The Journey 

09 Nov

I kept all my bags in place and sat next to the window with my coffee, which was streaming hot. Time struck four and the train started moving slowly out of the station. I sipped my coffee as it started gaining momentum. As it moved out of the city into the countryside, the real beauty of the world came onto the window screen. Few minutes into the journey, my frame of reference started shifting, it felt like the train was stationary and the world outside me is moving. Everything moved, those green slopes, tall trees, curvy road, dark clouds and the wide horizon, each and every one of them moved. As darkness started taking its baby steps on the sky, I started following raindrops that creep on the window. Water always finds least resistance path to move, so a single rain drop on the top, slowly moves down collecting few other rain drops forming a small river that flows down to the window and disappears. At a particular movement, I saw my own reflection on the window and that’s when my paradigm started shifting. No more I could see the trees, clouds or roads. I could see my life. The path I have come across, my happiness, my sadness, those memorable moment, those unforgettable people, those heart breaking people. I was watching my personal life movie on the window screen. The movie was like passing clouds of memory showing up and disappearing. It felt good. It felt good to see how life has moved on these years, it felt good to see what life has given me so far, it felt good to see where I am now. As the train continued on its parallel lines, I continued my thoughts on the broken lines. Sometimes, it gave me a solution to some of the complex questions of life that I had.
Train journey is the best and simple way, which someone could use to explain life. Every one of us, at present, is in a train journey. This journey has a starting point called birth and a destination called death. Every one has a different path to reach the destination. The day, when we reach the destination, we will not be there to recognise that we have reached. Between this starting point and destination, we tend to change train as it goes; we all have different routes or paths. We get down from one and get on to another. That’s how we commute; we never get to travel in a single train all the time. We are destined to change as the journey unfolds. It is a continuous process. At certain stations, we get to see people get down or people coming on to our compartment. These people are the called passengers or the passerby, they come, they go. We are the observers sitting near the window.
As the journey progresses, we look for interesting people from those passengers. If these interesting people are sitting next to us, we tend to communicate. We exchange information; we help each other and make ourselves comfortable with each other. At some particular station, this interesting person gets down, because he has to catch the next train. We can’t hold him/her back or we can’t get down. His/Her path of destination is different from ours. Once this person gets down, there is an interval of silence that exists. Again, some other interesting person walks in and breaks the silence and the conversations continues. This process goes on and on.
Out of these interesting people whom we talk to, there is always one, who has the power to change our path of the journey. These people rob everything from us; they just take away even our soul. They can make us happy, they can make us sad. These people can be the edge of our smile or the tear of our eyes. These people are very special people in life. These people are so interesting that we might even, forget to get down at our station and travel along with them or we get down at their stop and travel with them. They are the once, who could prove us wrong and tell us that dialogues are better than monologues.
Not everyone is lucky to do that, life choices are hard to make. Sometime, we have to sit back on the train and watch them leave. We watch them go away, we watch them disappear. They become tiny as the train moves out of the station. When they leave, we only have memories of them with us and nothing else. We then continue our journey, carrying those beautiful burdens of memories. When we reach our destination point, we will have only tons of memories and nothing else to take along with us. So don’t worry, keep travelling. If people wants to stay, they will stay. If they want to leave, let them go.


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5 responses to “The Journey 

  1. Cattie's World

    November 9, 2016 at 11:33 AM

    ha ha ha Nice Description.
    But see our Mumbai Trains !!!!!!!!!!

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  2. beyondhervision

    November 9, 2016 at 3:02 PM



  3. exoticnita54

    November 9, 2016 at 3:05 PM

    That’s so hilarious 😂 …that’s some train 🚂 ride there…in Mumbai

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