Angel’s kiss

26 Apr

We met when the seasons were changing; new life had begun to flourish and dance abound,

A sight had captured my senses of such ethereal beauty; leaving an imprint that was indeed quite profound.
A mortal being of magnificent elegance that seemed of angelic kin; emanated a radiance that was indeed alluring,

Walked amongst my presence and turned this pauper into a prince, with a simple glance from her eyes that was indelibly enduring. “There must be a way to entice this resplendent angel that has descended towards the earth, how does one enchant a being that has seen the majesty of felicity?

Surely there is nothing in my presence that can rival the splendors afforded to this gorgeous creation, crafted with the hands of our great father in the kingdom of divinity.” She spoke without provocation… “Your apprehension is tenfold, I felt it within my bosom and it has risen to my mind,

Words that you couldn’t verbalize out of a reaction unknown; an answer you sought, yet, without speaking can not find.
Let my words and actions lay a grace upon your hesitancy that allows you to speak freely and without haste,

Your fears and apprehension, however noble and respectful, surely are misplaced.
Come, let us walk amongst this backdrop of orange colored sky, autumn breeze, and hear the rustling of fall leaves as they march wayward,release all your known insecurities, fears and remove your doubts as to this union and it shall come to fruition, place your hand in mine, do not think it awkward.” A sense of fulfillment engulfed my heart, I felt a unifying sense of self I had never had the privilege of engaging before, her touch was surreal,She had taken me from the wretched, barren ground to whence I walked upon and showed me the beauty I once took for granted, a beauty once sensibly concealed. “I had waited years upon years to feel this touch of warmth and unparalleled bliss,

I had never felt this form of unification even when enjoined in any others’ kiss.
Yet, I held out the faintest of hope that one day you would come and complete my earthly existence,

Even if my mind held reason above fantasy despite my hearts pandering and near-delusional persistence.
I shall enjoy every moment, for every second that passes is a second less in your comforting, celestial presence,

I shall remember every word spoken, laughter we had shared, and every embrace that I stole a second and relived the innocence of my adolescence.”

Her eyes illuminated the darkest corridors of my soul, her laughter stirred my heart which had laid dormant within my guarded chest,

I thanked her for bestowing upon me a love that ushered out the demons of lover’s past and caressing my heart, while silencing a pain within me that once knew of no rest. “I must go now, promise me that you’ll never forget this encounter and shall remember that love is relative to that person’s interpretation..there is no clear standard set,by remembering all the treasures that were once shuttered to your senses, you shall remember our shared experiences and eternal bond and feel a completion within your soul that will never be bereft..” I kissed her soft, warm lips and shared a final embrace with this woman that showed me a beauty I once could not see clearly,

As I sit here now I recall fond memories of her and a time that was shared and treasured, an angel’s kiss that I miss ever so dearly

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Posted by on April 26, 2017 in Short Fiction


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