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Beneath The Moon’s Beam.

Tell me once more how thin lips reign above all,

How such a paralytic poison can co-exist with such an invigorating cure?
How such a beauty hath slit my achilles—indeed you are the siren, and I, the wolf attentive to your call.

Tell me your radiance was meant to illuminate my darkest, most ghastly corridors—embrace this monstrosity I have become and we shall share in a love eternal: in this you can rest assured.
I once roamed these pastures in dire straits; feasting on the tart flesh of unsuspecting nomads, now my salivating jowls wish to grip no other’s neck,
Thine murmurs upon the crest of the moon beckons my soul’s bottomless void,
Enchanted by these whispers once heard wholly as a speck.

Tentatively I gleaned your exquisite beauty from afar; my weary eyes piercing through the tufts, yours was a hymn I could not avoid, 
A sonnet that danced in the pits of my core, your benevolence satiated this once insatiable void.

Enchanted by such a melody; a cacophony only an angelic choir could parallel,
I stepped forth from the shadows as I was; a man-wolf disarmed, only to have a net thrown over my malformed body–I was ensnared by this woodland jezebel! 
Such trickery! My senses hath been disarmed by your divine silhouette—now I see clearly your halo was merely a rouse in the shade of the night, 
Come closer to this net, foul woman! Confront me if you so dare!
Now I see where your horns spring forth upon thine devilish face—such a beast revealed in the glow of the moon’s beaming light.

Yet you never did release me from that trap, instead you placed a bowl beneath my hanging body; I felt a sharp object pierce the side of my torso that instantly drew blood–death was near,
Flowing into that silver bowl like a crimson stream—you grinned ever so oddly; I felt life slipping away, I finally would be released from this curse–soon the moon I would no longer fear. 
I suppose, when dusk draws near, and the light illuminates the angels we’ve perceived within our dreams,
We are all monsters of a different light, all devils of nightmarish origins exposed beneath the moon’s beam.


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