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Pain -The Byproduct

​If you had never liked someone or never had a crush on someone, just get out of the computer and start searching for the one. You are just wasting your life thinking that you are going to find the perfect guy or girl for you. To be frank, what you are doing is just searching a pearl in the ocean. Don’t be afraid of break ups or about getting failed, just go there and push yourself as hard as you can. Love is the most beautiful feeling, it can give you tears and smile at the same time. This post, what I am writing is for all the s boys and girls out there. I would say its mostly for the guys, because I tried to think from a girl point of view but it is much more complicated.

All the  boys out there, like me, let me get this very straight ,yes you liked a girl and you did all sought of love things to get her but It did not work. I know love is always precious to the person involved in it, you can never compare it with one another and it can never be measured. You can never feel someones pain until it strikes you hard. Crazy things, what you do doesn’t fade away like a formatted USB flash drive, it becomes like a memory virus on to the brain and that gives you pain. A kind of pain which makes your throat dry and uneasy to swallow, a pain that lets you stay awake all through out the night, a pain which makes you look shabby day by day because you stopped giving damn about others, a pain which tells you the world is moving at slower rate than others and a pain which tell you all the girls in the world are like this just because she rejected you. I would say you are wrong. Pain is a by-product of love and it comes for free, blaming it on others will not get you anything. Blaming just gives you a satisfaction saying that you tried your best but she never understood. Pain is like a snake poison, it can kill you or it can be used to cure the cancer inside you, it all depends on how you see it. You can take it, cry all day long or make use of it. Let me tell you something, crying just gets you tears nothing else, not even a fucking glass of water. Pain is nothing but a form of energy it was not created, it was just transformed from your love memories. Don’t waste it by thinking about the same girl or drink yourself to death. It has become a fashion now that, If you face a failure than just get drunk to forget it, thats not at all the final solution. The reality is pain can be used to construct yourself, than to destruct your life. Find your shadow and spread some light over it, make yourself a better human, a better person to be with. Without making mistakes you will never perfect yourself.
Now what you do is put yourself in the girls place, look from her point of view, her expectation and likes might may be way different from what we think.  For example few people like riding a bike than a car, you can never justify that their taste is bad its just they don’t want a car. I guess you would have heard some say ‘ Not everyone gets everything in life ‘, thats true , sometimes how much hard you try, you will never get it, because its just not meant for you and you have to be strong to move on. Every one in your life teaches you a lesson, so did the girl just take it and walk out of her life. Our life is very short if you compare it with time scale of earth, Instead of getting worried about what happened, you can see the positive side of why it din’t happen between both of you. Instead of blaming someone, blame yourself because you started it. Instead of thinking about the way she made you sad, think about the way she made you happy. Instead of spoiling your health, built it up for a cause. Instead of crying for your pain, wipe someone else tears. Smile for what you have and laugh for what you did but get strong and act like a man and let her go of your thoughts.

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low

Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home

Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go
– Let her go (Passenger)
I am totally against the fact that love just comes only once in your life time, love is like a flower in a plant, when one flower goes down what you need to do is give it some time and space and let the next flower bloom. I know it will be hard, every time you try to get out of it, you will be shattered back to deep darkness. Everything you touch will have her name, everything you hear will have her voice. It will be a tuff ride to come out of it, the more tuff it is the more you have loved her. What you need to get is persistence and will power. Rome was not built in a day and also Rome was not defeated in a day. Everyday when you get up with her thoughts, you will have to fight back with it all day long and by end of the day the victory should be yours and you should win. So don’t worry, just love and live like a legend.


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I’m Still Learning How To Love

Love is such a strange thing. We’re not supposed to be able to control it, yet we want to find the right person. We’re supposed to feel it inherently and naturally, yet we must also choose to care for others. We’re supposed to love freely and fearlessly, yet also be careful who we give our hearts to.

There are so many rules, yet at the same time, none that we can truly follow.

Love is complicated, yet so simple.
Love is messy, but also so beautiful.

And at age twenty-three, forty-five, eight-two, I think we’re all still trying to understand it.

I think love is a process, but not in the sense of monotonous, or a step-by-step sort of mechanical type of way. A process in the way that there’s certain stages—the stage of falling, the stage of getting wrapped up in another person, the stage of finding yourself independently and together with someone else, and the stage of choosing that person, despite life’s obstacles.

But even knowing this process doesn’t make it any easier.

It doesn’t mean that your relationships will always follow this path, or that your life will go according to plan, or that your feelings will be manageable, and able to fit in this perfect little box with the label ‘love’ taped to the side.

Sometimes you fall, and sometimes you fall hard.
Sometimes you love, and sometimes you find yourself in love.

And then, suddenly your level of love has even deeper, uncharted layers.

I think I get wrapped up in all the ways I don’t yet know love fully. I know I’m young, but even as a 20-something, I’ve found myself in what I’d consider ‘real love.’ I’ve experienced how two people can discover themselves and their dreams in one another; I’ve given my heart to someone and even in my loss, learned what it means to care for someone other than myself.

I’ve had imperfect love, messy love, crazy love, and painful love.

But even though I’ve loved and lost, I still don’t feel like I fully understand it.

I’m still learning to let go, to let people in.
I’m still learning that love involves both your head and your heart.

I’m still learning that I can’t help how you fall in love, but you must choose to love.

I guess the hardest part about love is that you have to embrace the fact that you’ll never fully understand it. That even if you’ve loved a hundred times, each relationship is different. Each person is different. Each kiss is different. And isn’t that true?

You’re still expressing the same sort of emotion and feeling the same sort of heart-pounding, hands-sweating type of feeling—yet it’s so different with each new experience.

You never love someone the same way as you’ve loved another.

And isn’t that so beautiful?

Maybe you love a little more carefully the second time around, showing that person a different side of your heart. Or maybe you decide to love with abandon with the next person. Or maybe you’re a mix of both. Regardless, you love differently, refolding yourself and then opening in a completely new way. Showing that person your wonderfully complex layers from a new angle each time.

I guess love isn’t really something to be understood, more of something to be treasured. To be looked at from behind a glass case, to admire, and when you’re ready. Then to touch it. To shrug it over your shoulders like a comfy jacket and find a new sense of yourself inside.

Maybe we’re all trying to find a love that fits us just right.
Maybe we’re all still learning how to love, or love again.

And maybe that’s perfectly fine. Because we’re not really supposed to know how, we’re just supposed to do it. And learn along the way.


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