Love Affair

30 Jun

I would like to get away, to a desert island, where you can only hear the song of the sea and that of your heart. Where only feel the wind of your voice… The wind of your voice saying my name while making love as deep and intense in our lives becoming one, over and over again until everything disappears and time freezes.
Honey i need you to be my bed for me to lie about you, I want to feel your bare skin attached to mine, make the time go faster to observe the end of things, but at the same time its slow I wish to observe that they are reality.
I want to be your bed and your blanket, lull you with my body, be fresh skin covering and absorb your fatigue, your warmth and ensure you happiness… I want to be your medicine, your healing and your remedy I want to be up to your illness, I want to be an eternal virus, hope to be good and to me keep close to your heart.  I love you… I guess with the love that produces my body for you… my immune system you will get sweetly, I hope to be the boy who fill that tender heart… the boy that makes you laugh always, always, love the boy that makes you feel full. 

I would like to kill you with something more than words… to then revive you in my arms.  I love you too and at the same time as little… Ironically I can only feel it and not prove it… I love you so little when you are alone, when you do not embrace… and I love you so much when we are a little closer now


Posted by on June 30, 2017 in love, random thoughts


2 responses to “Love Affair

  1. hati03nisa

    July 1, 2017 at 2:04 AM

    This got under my skin…

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