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Roads of your existence.

Too often we come out of a relationship wheather it is friendship or Any other relationship and most of the time broadcast it to the world that it’s over, yet behind closed doors we are secretly putting in work and doing things to try and get them back.. 9 times out of 10 it’s when they did us wrong too, yet here we are, quietly shaming ourselves and trying to patch things up with someone who simply isn’t meant for us.. When it’s over you have to let it go,  just doesn’t fall apart and end for no reason at all.. Time and a season, everything has its time and it’s season, some things last way longer than others but when something ends (a majority of the time) we should let it go.. Because how many times times have we succeeded in putting it back together again only to have it fall apart twice as bad as before.. There’s a method to our madness and there’s also an answer for our peace of mind.. That answer is found when you learn how to let things go and allow yourself to align with the flow of life around you.. At any point in time something in your life can end, someone you know can die, something you once knew can change and go away forever.. Does that mean your life stops? No.. So learn how to keep it moving no matter what comes to an end in your life.. This is how you’ll find peace and happiness throughout your life and it will no longer seem like some impossible destination you have to reach far along the roads of your existence.


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She Wasn’t My True Love, But She Was A Blessing Nonetheless

We have all heard this before, “No one you meet is by accident, they are either a blessing or a lesson.”

I, for one, am a true believer of that. I met her 2 and half  years ago, on a Monday morning in  the college campus on my first day. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was more of a friendly morning “waiting for the class to start ” chat, if you will, and that was it.

I saw her a couple more times from afar at the cafeteria but we never talked again. Fast forward a few months, we bumped into each other again and she asked me out.

Never did I imagine that saying yes to her could set off a chain of events that would change me as a person, or shaped my perspective of life, people, and love forever.

Ours wasn’t a whirlwind romance and I liked that she didn’t sweep me off my feet. Our relationship was romantic though grounded and mature. She was my best friend, my pillar of strength and my lover.

She was everything I ever wanted in a girl and more.

I loved that we could do mundane things and still enjoy each other’s company. I still remember how that one time when a trip to the supermarket ended up in us frantically looking for each other in between aisles when we heard our song playing over the PA system and singing our lungs out right there in the crowded store when we finally found each other.

It was the first time that I had someone who believed in me that much and wanted me to be the best version of myself in every possible way. I fell in love with him because of her humility
and her ability to care for and help others.

She taught me how to feel again, how love feels, and I’m grateful for that because I now know what I deserve when it comes to matters of the heart. He also taught me how to She persevere and believe in myself.

I have become a whole new person because of her, both good and bad. I’ve learned to take pleasures in life’s simplicity. I’ve learned that it’s about what you’re made of in life that matters NOT titles or the size of your paycheck.

I’ve learned that people walk in and out of your life all the time and we should treasure the moments with them while they are still here. I’ve learnt to make the most of my life in whatever way I can.

On the other hand, this whole experience has also made me somewhat cynical when it comes to love, though deep down inside I hope that I’m wrong and people don’t always disappoint you and maybe, just maybe, one day someone will stay because he chooses to stay.

Just maybe, one day, soon, I will be made a choice NOT an option.

My one true love was God sent, to teach me these lessons to embark on a journey to discover myself and to learn to love myself again. And who knows, maybe one day, someone will make me believe in love all over again.


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