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Go for someone who makes you smile 

​It hurts to love someone and not be reciprocated, but what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to tell that person how you feel. Maybe God wants us to know a few wrong people before meeting the right person, to finally know when, know how to be grateful for this wonderful gift. One of the saddest things in life is when you meet someone who means everything and just to realize that in the end it was not for you and you have to let go. When the door of happiness closes, another door opens, but sometimes we look so long that door was closed, we do not see that has opened before us. It is true that we know what we have until we lose it, but it’s also true that we do not know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that you will include, but not expect to be appropriate; only expected to grow love in the heart of the other person, but does not grow is happy that grew in yours. There are things you’d love to hear you never hear it from the person who you would have said them, but do not be so deaf not to hear of him who says from his heart. Never say goodbye if you still want to try. Never give up if you feel you can keep fighting. Never tell a person who already do not love if you can not let go. Love comes to those who wait, but they have disappointed those who still believe, although it has been betrayed; one who still need love, but has been hurt before and who has the courage and faith to build trust again. The beginning of love is to let those we know to be themselves and not treat them to turn to our own image, because then we will love only the reflection of ourselves in them. Do not go outside, this can fool you, do not go for wealth because even that is lost; go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day shine. I hope


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The Night To Be Remember

I recall the moonlight making you glow, peeking through the sky lights and illuminating your skin.. I recall the way you stared up into my eyes, gleaming like stars in the sky, talking to my soul just begging me to sin.. There was never a time I could say no to you, when your body talked I was forced to listen and submit to your desires.. It was if my only purpose for living and breathing was to please you.. Throwing your legs around my shoulders letting you lock your ankles around my neck as I bent your knees back to touch your chest.. I feel you reach down to guide me inside you, slowly at first, just the tip and you could feel me pulsing for you.. I slowly started to grind my hips back and forth ever so slightly, popping the head of my cock in and out of your dripping pussy and making you moan for me.. As I reach down and wrap my hand around your throat, I keep my eyes locked on yours and look down upon you as you bite your lip in anticipation of what’s about to come.. Before you can exhale I thrust inside you all at once with one deep long stroke, your hands shoot up and grab my arm gripping on your neck.. Your legs tense up and squeeze around me tightly, my other hand wrapped around your thigh and gripping onto you as you dig your nails into me.. Stroking you out and watching as you try and keep your eyes on me and fight them from rolling back into your head.. Your moans start to become screams and my name starts to escape from your lips

“Ooooo FUCK!! !! honey please don’t stop, just don’t stop.. fuckkkk…” Never looking away from my eyes as you beg me for more and I gladly oblige you.. Tightening my grip on your thigh and forcing myself deeper inside you, watching your mouth hang open a little bit and your body start to twitch as I touch you in places I never have before.. My hand still wrapped around your neck and your hands still wrapped around my forearm, squeezing and scratching me trying to endure a feeling of pleasure you’ve never known before.. I can feel your legs start to flex and grow tense, you let go of me with one hand and start to play with your clit while I pound your pussy.. I’ve mastered the rhythm of my stroke and have begun to steadily hit your g spot and you can feel yourself becoming ever so close to exploding.. All the muscles in your body growing more tense by the second not quite sure when you will let go.. But I am.. Your body has become mine and I know it very well, all your little twitches and tingles tell me everything I need to know and just when I’m ready for you to bust I let go of your throat, take your hands and pin them back above your head and lean into to kiss your lips.. As I do I thrust into you one final time until my hips are pressed all the way up against yours, and your knees are bent all the way back.. Time freezes, you take a deep breath and feel my lips on yours, your eyes closed, yet you can still somehow see everything.. And you begin to feel the sensation between your legs, faintly at first almost as if it’s not real.. And then it happens.. Your moment of release, and you let go.. Exploding out for me, cumming so hard it forces my dick to pop out of you and your juices soak my body, the sheets and everything else within reach.. You scream out, pressing your forehead up against mine and I can feel your entire body flexing, your arms trying to break free as you continue to scream out in pure ecstasy.. Toes curling, body almost beginning to cramp up, and with a few more trembles and shakes you finish pouring out cum and I feel you instantly collapse under neath me.. Dripping in sweat, covered in your very own essence, breathless and heart racing.. With a kiss on your forehead I left you to get a little sleep as I took my retreat to the bathroom to start my morning and get ready for work, I could already tell this was going to be a hell of a week


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Maybe It’s Our Words That Save Us

”Maybe it’s what we don’t say that saves us.”

— Dorianne Laux, What We Carry.

It was striking, written with white chalk on a simple black background. I’d heard it before, wondered at its meaning, felt connected to it somehow. This time I studied the chicken-scratch handwriting, the way the chalk was slightly smeared. What we don’t say. How could the words we don’t say be the words that save us?

I spun this quote around in my mind for a moment. I used to wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes in the absence of words, you find clarity. You realize that not saying anything says, unconsciously, exactly what you need to. You realize that the words in your heart, on your mind, might not need to be said. And when you don’t say them—you find the truth.

But I can’t agree with that anymore.

See, it’s what we do say that saves us.

The words we bring to life on paper or from our lips, the timid and nervous confessions, the brittle anger that slips from our tongue, the lines of thanks, the good and the bad and the honest—this is what makes us real. This is what makes us connect to one another. This is what changes our lives.

What we say brings us closer together. We acknowledge our inner feelings, we confront our fears, we take chances, we fall in love.

What we say shows us that we’re not the only one feeling this way. What we say helps us to confront what we’ve attempted to keep hidden. What we say allows us to open ourselves to one another, to build relationships, to put ourselves in vulnerable positions that lead to incredible growth.

The words that we don’t say? The words we keep pressed under our tongues, what we bite back and hold hostage in our brains and mouths? Those words destroy us.Those words keep us from doing things we believe in, keep us from following our dreams, keep us from kissing our love onto the lips of the people we so desperately need.

What we don’t say slowly eats us from the inside out. It makes us prisoners to our own minds. It keeps us static, hesitant, guarded. It makes us weak.

What we don’t say keeps us from kissing our love onto the lips of the people we so desperately need.

So it isn’t what we don’t say that frees us, that saves us. It’s the words that we acknowledge, that we let escape—those are what rescue us. From the world. From ourselves.

I am a writer, and so I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to take the words rumbling around in my mind and set them free, breathe them to life on pages and through keyboards.

It is the words I do say that give me clarity, that connect me to people, even those I haven’t met. It is the words I do say that remind me how we’re all searching, all looking for people and things to connect to.

It is the words we say that save us. That let us know we’re never, ever alone.


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