On paper you and I are still together

12 Jul

I have spend life times running after you … we pretend that the tears we shed from arguing are better than the weeps we release from the loneliness that envelope us ….
You promised you wouldn’t leave me more times than I can count but evey time I look at you all I see are the claw marks that I intendent on your skin from when I begged you just fucking stay
You don’t bother to see my self destruct because you would rather watch my old best friend snort+crushed poweder through dollar bills ,so we both act like the pills I take are just candy that will spoil my dinner
May be yours words were not strong enough to burry me six feet under but still wondef if u saying that you never loved me has something to do with the half night I feel more like ghosts than I ever do as human being
I wore your words like hickeys over my neck but they turned into necklace and ever night it tightened around my throat and I never realized how your words were fibers that turned into rope
And still have the words you once told me hidden in a desk drawer and in shaky black ink ,our names are both sprawled across the bottom of the page
At least on paper you and I are still together …….


Posted by on July 12, 2017 in random thoughts


2 responses to “ On paper you and I are still together

  1. Mann

    July 12, 2017 at 3:40 PM




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