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Broken Window

Every day from dawn to dusk Amit walks back and forth, back and forth in his tiny cell. He loves the way his chains clank as he moves. It is music to him. The only kind of music he has known. Every time he turns to face the wall, he stares at the broken window. He keeps looking outside, hoping to see something new. That Broken Tinted Window is his liberator and his tormentor.

Days are spent staring outside, wondering about the outside world, forgetting about where he is. Nights are spent hating the broken window as it lets the cold wind and mosquitoes torture him. He cannot scream, because he has no voice.He suffers in silence.

Amit isn’t sure of anything, he knows nothing except this room and what the window shows him. He isn’t even self aware. What is better, what is worse are only for those who know choice. Life and death are known to those who have seen it, experienced it. Awareness of life comes from the observation of death. Amit isn’t aware of the existence of such things. He does not even know his name is Amit. The people who made him, had a terrible sense of humor. They provided him a name and denied him the right to know it. One who knows not the purpose of a name cannot be offended by denying it.

He turns to look at the door in hopes that it would open but it did not. He is hungry and the door opening means food comes in. Amit turns again, he walks towards the window, forgetting food for a moment. Amit currently is trapped in a cycle of thoughts which run between curiosity of the outside world and his hungry stomach. He is incapable of keeping his attention on one thing for a long time and so he wanders through out.

One day the door opened and stayed open, no food came through. Amit stared at it, he waited. He heard new sounds, he became afraid. He went towards the door and shut it. He stayed because this was his world. His fear of the noises was stronger than his curiosity, even stronger than his hunger. Poor Amit, he will never know he threw away his last chance at freedom. He had just doomed himself. He kept staring at the broken window, in hopes to see that bird again.



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Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship

Some say its beautiful.

You miss each other, but there’s nothing you can do about it, but to wait. If she is upset, you can’t be there for her, all you want to do is hug her tight and tell her that it’s all going to be fine, but you can’t. Yet you be there as much as you can. You try to make her feel your presence even when you are very prominently absent.
What about when you are upset? she does the same. Though you wish so bad she was there, in person, to be your pillow, you try to be strong.
There are times when you think she is fading away, like when she is busy or you are, and you try so hard to hold on tight to that invisible feeling you feel so strong, try so hard to hold onto her. But eventually, all the insecurities fade away as she reminds you, over and over again, how much she loves you. You wonder how someone could love you so much inspite of all your flaws. You wonder how is it that fairy tales come true. You wonder how she can be so perfect. Then you realise something, That’s how love works. You are just as perfect for him as he is for you.
And after all those months or years, when you finally meet, its an eclipse. Its wonderful. Its beautiful in its true sense. Its indescribable and the world stares at your union.
That’s what happens when the sun meets the moon, the whole world stares at them in awe.


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