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Relationship Depth

“Oh my god!”, she grabbed my arms tightly and screamed loud enough to disturb the other couple who were near our seats. We were in a theatre watching a horror movie. “Ssshhh!”

I gestured her to keep quiet and she replied in a small whisper “Sorry baby!” It was our vacations, and the love of my life finally agreed to go out on a movie with me. She looked beautiful and angelic in a dark blue top and a jean. We scanned through the list of movies at the cinemas. Even though there were many romantic movies, she persuaded me to go for a horror flick.
The movie started and I didn’t find anything so horrifying enough that would  scare an 18 year old. Still I could see her beautiful eyes, gazing at the screen with fear and she was constantly shouting, holding my hands and hiding her face in my shoulders. That looked cute, but still it was lame since nothing was so terrifying.
I asked her, “If you are so scared, why did you want to watch a horror film? There were so many other romantic ones.” She replied with naughtiness in her eyes, “Oh. Will my mister stay quiet if we were to opt for a romantic one? So keep quiet and watch the film.”
I gave an embarrassing smile and turned to look at the screen. “Damn, she’s smart” I thought. The film ended and we came out, checked in to the food court, had lunch and came out to the parking lot. All this time I maintained silence acting as if I was upset. She asked me, “What is it idiot?” “Nothing.” I replied in a firm tone. I sat on my bike, turned the ignition switch on and kicked the machine to life. She turned it off, took the keys, and said, “Now will my mister please tell me what the problem is? Oh, is it because we went for a horror movie?” She asked as if she read my mind. I didn’t show any objection and I said “Yes!” She cupped my face in her hands, looked around to see if anyone was there and making sure the absence of people, she kissed me. My body froze as her lips met mine. She was looking into my eyes all the time and that made me forget the whole world around. Even after the kiss, i stood there, like a statue. She then took my hand in hers and asked me, “Baby, did you notice how many times I caught your hands and hugged you during the movie? I wasn’t afraid of anything, but I pretended as if I was. I wanted to enjoy your company without your knowledge. I wanted to lie on your shoulders, because I know that, its the safest place on earth.” Her reply stunned me. I fell in love with her again. I kissed her forehead and said, ” Sorry baby, I love you.” She gave that naughty smile again and said, “I hate you okay?” We laughed together, got on the bike and rode away.
This was an incident which helped me realize the depth of a relationship. When we think we are being ignored or not listened to, our partner shows or gives us something, even more pleasant, that which we do not expect. When they ask for something unusual, don’t hesitate and give it a try. Luckily that day, I agreed to her compulsion to watch a horror movie else I wouldn’t have understood her love even more lively.
A mutual understanding is what which can keep the relationships stable. To respect each others wishes and to love and live a life, which can be only put in the forward mode and not reversed.


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