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It Just Happened

Honestly , I fell in love with you moment we started talking. It

takes guts to call up girl  you have met like 7 hours ago and
you are madly in love with. But Oh Man! The whole idea of just
silent stalking was killing me inside. Your voice was so
enchanting and it just blew my mind. With you , I really don’t
have to pretend to be Free or Busy. Because When I’m free we
are talking and when we are busy , well priorities do matter a
lot. You always make me feel special with your cute
Smile . Be it Your  smile or your  big eyes , and my
raunchy comments on you and using different means for
irritating you. The virtual hugs and kisses are so cute and
worst part about whole long distance relation is that I really
can’t propose you on my knees. I’m just sitting here , thinking
about you. And thinking about different ways of expressing my
feels. I’m not exactly romantic person but I can sum up whole
thing as :-

No matter wherever you are right now.
In my heart you are with me doesn’t matter how.
Your smile makes me my day.
Your cheesy comments and raunchy statements
Your die heart romantic behaviour
It makes me feel special
Like only one in world
And makes me just bury myself in your arms
And kiss you forever , Deep and melting one.
Which will something more than touch of lips.
Hearts maybe.
And I can’t be your friend anymore.
Take it to another level.
Make me your boyfiend…
Please ?

 ANd what she Said :

I will be like perfect wife experimenting with different dishes all the time and then force you to eat it and spend hours indiscussing how many kids I want or which car. I’m ready to behave like girlfriend – Make out with you in dressing room ,wear your shirt after nasty sex , Try flirting with other guys just to make you jealous. And there are going to be days when you will buy me pads , eat pizzas with me because I burned the dish , take me home after drinking , wash my clothes ,clean my puke , go and meet doctor with me , be present at my convocation , Share a kiss at 31st Dec 11:59. There willbe days when we will be angry and we won’t talk. Probably will be angry but we should remember we don’t have anyother option. It is going to be just us. There are going to be crazy days like Diwali on Holi and maybe Eid on Carva Chauth. If I will fast then you will fast too. Get ready to be in craziest and longest relationship of your life with craziest girl who will fuck up your whole world and probably eat your whole money . Buy yourself DSLR to keep capturing my photographs and be set to travel. I’m totally in love with you !

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