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When I Met God

Yesterday, I sneaked out of the house just to have a smoke. Like always I climbed on to the roof. I loved looking at the stars and the moon while I took my puffs. Yesterday was different because I would have unexpected company.
There are three ways to get in the roof. One is to use of a ladder, the second is to grab a ledge and pull yourself up and the third is to climb up the tree adjacent to my home and get on to the roof from there with the help of an over hanging branch. The ladder would be too noisy and I wasn’t feeling like using the ledge so I climbed the tree. When I got onto the roof, I saw someone sitting on the corner. I wasn’t really surprised meeting a stranger on the roof in the middle of the night and I rarely get spooked.
So I asked “Hey, what are you doing up on my roof?”
She replied calmly “Same as you, came here for a smoke, Do you have a light?”
I handed the match box to her. I took out a cigarette and placed on my lips.
She looked at me and said “You should quite smoking those, it will kill ya?” I was a little surprised I said “Really?” She continued “Try this, it is a lot healthier.”
She lit up a roll, took a drag and handed it to me, I too took a drag and so we went back and forth till we smoked up the whole joint. I must say, it was really good stuff.I don’t know how long we sat there enjoying the trip.
She took out a bottle of water from the bag next to her and offered, I took the bottle out of her hands and gulped down the water. I handed the bottle to her and said “Thanks”.
I extended my hand and introduced myself to her “I am Rahul, whats your story?”
She shook my hand and in an instant I knew who she was, then she let my hand go and said “From time to time I visit, this planet, like I do so many others. Like you, there are a few to whom I revealed my existence.”
I smirked “Oh, the whole world is aware of your existence. Except for may be the Atheists”.
She smiled and said “You have me wrong. They all have me wrong. It is the Atheists who have the right answer.”
I looked at her puzzled. She continued “You are stubbornly trying to understand what I am or trying to quantify me into concepts that you can currently understand. When you ask an Atheist who is God? He will give you the right answer. He doesn’t know. Neither does anybody, including you? When I showed you who I was,  your mind quickly tried to wrap my existence around a concept that you were familiar with and that was God. Isn’t God just a concept, isn’t he as fictional as Santa Claus as long as there isn’t any quantifiable proof. The existence of the North Pole doesn’t prove the existence of Santa Claus as much as the existence of the universe or life, proving the existence of God.”
I was still confused at the contradiction that was in front of me. “Who are you then?”
She replied “Your mind has the right idea of visualizing me as a female. Isn’t the word female synonymous with mystery? so Label me a mystery if you must or don’t label me at all”.
It became very clear that I don’t know anything, these were things that was beyond me, but I still had to ask “Why me?”
She replied “Why Not? Again, you need reasons, for questions that have none, I am sure your trusted logic is failing you. It is okay not everything has to make sense”.
I asked her “Is it okay that I still believe that you are God?”
She laughed and replied “Choice is yours, expectations isn’t. Bye.”
She disappeared as I whispered “Bye”.


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