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Who is God

All life creates. The birds build nests, the bees make honey…the ants, anthills. But it is us, human beings, who are capable of creating things more powerful than ourselves! We cant really fly, so we made airplanes & rockets, we cant “chat”with people a million miles away, so we devised the internet & the telephone; we cant do enormous calculations in milliseconds, so we made calculators & computers…..

We cant maintain order in this population of 7 billion, we couldn’t, even when we were just a fraction of this number, so, we made RELIGION. Religion governs us like no other system does. It dictates not only what & when to eat & drink, how to dress, whom to interact with & whom to look down upon; but also lays down a moral and political code of conduct that no “righteous” man may digress from.

But that is not where God belongs! Where religion stands today, the Church, the Temple, the Mosque are no more than political parties looking out to enhance their vote-banks.

Man created this God, and now expects Him to protect him.

This God that we worship and fear, we also treat like a Jinn…every time I observe someone pray, I basically see them asking for something..some wish they want Him to fulfill.

That’s not my idea of God. To me he is but a concept, a positive energy that radiates from all that there is, on Earth and in space. I talk to Him sometimes, the way one would, to his dearest confidante. But I don’t blame him when things don’t go my way, nor do I expect Him to miraculously make it right while I watch like a mere spectator. I often find myself speaking into space, “There are too many people expecting too much of You, always wanting….I am not going too be another one bothering you.”

After all, your life your life is yours to live, and if believing gives us strength; you’d rather believe in Yourself…and then, He’ll always be your friend, …………


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