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Tomorrow you may not get that chance..

Look if you’re 18-23 and you get your heart broken, be sad.. By all means be sad and learn what that feels like.. But if you’re 24/25 and older, we gotta talk about this.. It is not ok to just accept being sad because we’ve been taught our whole lives it’s always ok to be wounded when another person hurts us.. It’s not ok to always and forever give other people that power over you and your life.. At a certain point you have to become “unfuckwithable” meaning that no one or nothing can come between you and the love you have for your self, no one can take your peace, disturb your happiness.. Get to a point of such self-love and comfortability in your life that you fully understand you’re meant to experience life in your body, with your heart and your mind.. Your soul.. Anyone and everyone else that may or may not come into your life and stick around are just players in your game, pawns in YOUR chess match.. They have to earn the right to exist in your world and your reality, and if people choose not to then that’s not something for you be upset about.. Your world keeps spinning, your life keeps moving.. With or without you or anyone else for that matter.. So please, if you are hurting this afternoon and you are older than 25 LET IT GO.. Look in the mirror and say I love you and go on about your day and live your life.. Tomorrow you may not get that chance..


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