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Each and every day is precious ” Stay alive and party hard”

There comes a point in life when you gotta start believing when someone tells you ‘i love you’. Just because that one person didn’t mean it, just because that one person lied about it does not mean every other person that’s gonna come into your life and say those three words to you is not gonna mean it and lie about it too. I’m not saying every person is true when they say so but you gotta take your chances to find out because other wise, you may never trust anyone again, you will never feel loved again. This is something a friend of mine recently just explained to me, she told me how stupid i was to be afraid that everyone who’s important to me at this time in life will leave me soon, since i’m that scared of losing people. I told her it made me cry thinking of how close i’ve gotten to some people and how much i hate it because again, i was scared but i cried anyways. I cried because one day they would leave instead of being happy for the time that they are here with me. Everyone is gonna leave one day or another, there is no forever but that does not mean the moments you have spent and the moments you are yet to spend with them is gonna be meaningless or any of that sort. Maybe they do love you, maybe they do intend to stay, maybe it scares them too to lose you but let’s face it, we know everything has an end, every feeling changes, every thought evolves and it’s no one’s fault. Every thing starts only to be ended and you have to set that in your mind. Accept the love you are getting right now, enjoy every laughter with all your heart, cherish every second with the ones you love, believe in people as much they deserve to be believed, trust yourself and your judgement and even if it’s wrong, it’s okay! Nothing is wrong forever, because as far as i know even a broken clock is right two times a day. So don’t shut people out, don’t send them away just because you arent strong enough to accept their love, don’t torture yourself thinking about future heart ache or loneliness or whatever because by the end of the day, we’ll be alone and that’s okay but it’s better to be alone knowing you once had a ton of great things in your life, knowing that you were once happy and loved rather than being alone with nothing but the thought that you had a chance but you were too scared to take it. Life is all about taking chances, because they may lead to somehing beautiful and/or even if it leads you broken but it’s worth it because when you only think you lost something, thing of all the things you gained; a lesson, a better perspective, a lot more strength to deal with things. To be honest, i wouldn’t have been saying all this if my friend didn’t make me realize all this and i’m so thankful now to see things the way she made me see them and it has helped me feel way way better because i, personally, have pushed people away just because i was always scared of anything that they could say could possibly be a lie, and cried everytime i realized i got attached to someone being afraid that they will walk away one day. In short, don’t think much, take chances and enjoy what comes the next step of your journey.

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Is it weird that I miss you?

I know we just met. We only talked a few times and frankly I don’t even know that much about you. I don’t even know who you are. But from the first time we talked I felt something I hadn’t in a long time. I don’t know if it was because of you, or because of the events of that day but something about our talk felt special. Up until that point I’ve been feeling numb for a very long time. All the excitement, hope and happiness seemed to have drained out of me but of course that wasn’t the case. I just needed something or someone to remind me that yes life can be and is wonderful. And from that day I realized I was missing something. That feeling of hope was missing from my life. And I needed to get it back. Not get it back from someone, it’s not like someone stole it from me, but maybe get it from within me as cheesy and weird as that sounds. So is it weird that I miss you? Yes, maybe it’s not even you that I miss, it’s the feeling you gave me. The feeling you reminded me I could have. So even if we don’t have that kind of talks again it’s okay because I’m grateful for what you’ve reminded me. But I still miss you.


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Love Define in terms of Chemistry

I look at you sleeping next to me, wondering how many elements the Universe had to create to finally hit upon the ultimate combination that made you.

I see your phosphorescent face, glowing from the radiation of the love that you contain within your heart and it urges me to radiate more love in return, just to see it glow brighter than before.
I know you are technically made of Carbon but one truly needs to know you to understand the varied range of things you are capable of. Just like Carbon, you are mentally as strong as a diamond but, at the same time, can also be as soft as graphite.
Your presence is like Helium in the sky. On one end, it’s so badass that it is solely responsible for making those magnificent explosions in the sun but on the other hand, it’s so harmless that it brings out funny sounds out of you, making everyone laugh.
You have ferromagnetic body that no matter where you go, makes me look into your direction. Just like magnets of the opposite ends, our bodies collapse into each other the moment we are let loose.
Glow of Gold in your hair, shine of Silver in your eyes. Kiss of your lips, like Iodine, heals all my wounds. Touch of your hand conducts more electricity in me than Copper and that electricity is what makes my heart beat.
I can go on and mention every complex lanthanides, actinidies, gases and metals but to sum it all up, what you are to me, as a whole, is Oxygen. I cannot live without you.


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