The Encounter

25 Feb

I saw her last that night, riding the waves of emotion, balancing against the tide, curbing the erupting volcano as she agreed to meet me. We met at an interval of a week. Seven days had passed without any communication. Finally we met.
Our relationship was short lived, mostly one-sided. She was just a co-passenger not a companion. Travelling in the same compartment, sharing opposite berths, we started liking each other. An infatuation! I wonder. She never took me seriously. To her it was a passing phase. Soon someone else would occupy my seat, causing adrenaline rush.
We met twice before, with sporadic excitement, that soon jaded away with the waning moon. The last night, however, was different. So contrary to what I had experienced before. That night was of union not only of bodies but also of minds. It is said union of minds is the best form of consummation, highly satisfying than sexual gratification. Pleasure derived is immense. It works as a tranquilizer. Gives enough fodder for soul searching. Helps to appreciate and accept your partner at the intellectual level rather than by external beauty.
She prepared her mind to give me mental orgasm. Foreplay began after physical intimacy. Soon we reached a mental high. Reeling through the magnitude of a multidimensional way of intercourse. Unlike physical exertion there was purgation. She didn’t want to sleep but converse more. Contentment had no threshold. Like a perpetually fed river it kept on absorbing and flowing. It grew intense with the darkening night unaffected by the breaking dawn.

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