Love Game

03 Mar

I could have sworn there was a spark between us. And I could have sworn you felt it too. Or maybe it was just my imagination, my own ego feeding itself with what little attention you gave me but was more than enough to cause me this much pain. I can’t stop myself from asking the same questions over and over again, Did I brought this on to myself? Was I imagining things that were too far away from my reality? Was I too ambitious to think that someone like you would really take interest in me? Right now, knowing that you see me as your ‘just-in-case Boy’, I know I’ll never get the answers I want because I’m not in the position to even voice out my questions, not in the position to demand answers to the riddles you have been giving me for the past several months, and I’m not even in the position to get hurt. I get it. I’m just a nobody in your life. Someone you only remember when you need something, when you don’t have somebody else to talk to, or when you feel like flirting with somebody else other than your Boyfriend. But I’m sick of being that Boy. I’m sick of playing dumb, pushing aside what I know just to give room for the excuses I’ve made for you that you wont even bother to make for yourself. So, if you can’t quit me, I might as well be the one to end this stupid game.

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Posted by on March 3, 2018 in random thoughts


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