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You’re the Boss but always remember that I too am the Bossette

‘I cut my nails every Fridays.’ Surbhi said to her husband Anshul as she stared at his back, he was brushing his teeth in preparation to come to bed, he paused when she said that, he would have turned to look at her but he saw approaching from the mirror that hung over the hand wash basin.

‘Ok dear wife, today is Saturday you will have to wait till Friday then.’ He said and nodded, was she lacking what to tell him.

True that some times after having lived together for long some couples lack what to say to one another, but he knew his Surbhi very well, she has never been the type to run out of words or moves.

He felt her caress on his back, he paused the brushing and a knowing smile formed at the side of his lips as he looked at her. She was absolutely stunning, she had obviously taken extra time to look that gorgeous in the lingerie she was wearing.

‘Hurry up and come to bed.’ She said in a sexy voice, she was leaning on him and her low cut lingerie offered more than enough view to Anshul. He absolutely loved it when she seduced him, it was unnaturally arousing to him.

He was so lost in imagining the things that were about to go down after he finished brushing and looking at her chest that he did not notice when she a took a bath jell, flicked open the cap and squeezed more than enough on the tiled floor.

She returned it and carefully walked over to sit on their bed where Anshul could see her very well, she crossed and crossed her legs at intervals.

When Anshul finished rinsing his mouth he turned quickly to face his wife, he looked at her to his fill then he began walking towards her.

Anshul was not expecting the fall, as soon as he stepped on the bath jell his foot propelled him forward making him fly up a little before hitting the hard floor, he let out a shout and his wife ran there.

‘Oh my God, what happened.’ She said fussing over him.

‘Ah, ah ah, my back, my waist, my head.’ He whimpered.

Surbhi helped him to the bed, the pain was searing throughout his entire body.

‘How did you fall.’ She asked.

‘I don’t know.’

Let me get you pain killer.’ She said and gave him two tablets.

Anshul swallowed them and laid down only to meet more discomfort on his bed, it was abnormally hard and irregullar he turned and tossed until his stomach started acting up, then he had run to the toilet to release his bowels.

He visited the toilet more than 10 times before morning and when ever he laid down he couldn’t get a comfortable spot on his side of the bed.


‘How was your night.’ Surbhi asked him in the morning.

‘Not good at all, I was purging all night.’

‘Ahh sorry, can you come to the dining table? Food is ready.’

Anshul managed and walked to the dining table, his wife dragged out a chair for him, he sat letting his weight fall on the chair as he was tired. As soon as his bottom touched the chair he let out an ear piercing scream and jumped up quickly, three long sewing needles were stuck to his bottom.

‘Oh my, I must left these needles here after sewing on your loose buttons yesterday.’ Surbhi said cupping her cheeks, an apologetic frown on her face.

‘Just pull them out.’ Anshul barked and she removed them one by one.

Finally Anshul sat down to have his meal, Surbhi served him the food.

His bones were sore from the fall the previous night, his butt was sore from the needle pricks needless to talk about his endless trips to washroom during the night and his bed that felt like stones were wedged underneath them.

Absent mindedly he took a spoonful to his mouth. The food had barely Settled in his mouth before he flung the spoon across the room and spat out the food, tears were rolling down his cheeks as he screamed.

‘Water, water please, pepper, ahhhh, ahhhhh pepper.’ He said as he moved about.

‘Oh sorry o! I must have put it thinking it to be jollof rice spice, you know it is also red in colour.’ Surbhi said apologetically.

‘I don’t know the colour just give me water.’ He wailed sticking out his tongue like a dog.

Surbhi handed him a plastic cup which he began to gulp down, after a gulp, he flung the cup and began screaming again.

‘Hot water!, Hot water Surbhi do you want to kill me? He said falling to the floor exhausted he winced as he fell on his bottom.

‘No but I always cut my nails on Friday.’ She said crouching beside him.

‘So, is that why you want to kill me?

‘Yesterday was Saturday and I saw nail marks on your back, I didn’t make them which means you slept with another woman who left those marks on your back.

A look of horror was on his face and Surbhi was enjoying every bit of it.

‘I know you cheated so I decided to punish you, I poured the bath jell that made you slip, I gave you laxative to help your bowel movements, you know those two tablets they weren’t pain killers they were laxatives.’

‘Surbhi you’re my wife, why ?

‘Because I can’t let you get away with cheating, I also put hard stones on your side of the bed so you experience discomfort, I stuck those needles there facing up, finally the pepper and the hot water too were on purpose.’ She with iced toned voice.

He was gaping at his wife he had absolutely no idea she was capable of such.

‘I know you’re the Boss but always remember that I too am the Bossette.’ She said and left him on the floor.



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