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How second love is better than first love ?

Who gives a damn about first love?

Give a big round of applause for your second love because they taught you that love still exists after you thought it never could again.
Somewhere it is true, isn’t it?

A person should have lots of guts to fall in love for the second time. Generally, people avoid falling in love for the second time because they had the bad experience in their past relationship so-called “FIRST LOVE”.

I am sure that we all aware of this fact that “we fall in love with a most unexpected person at the most unexpected time” so second love is just like that.

My all concern is here are the perks of the second love, I am not belittling the first love, obviously, first love always has a special place in the heart.


Once you fall in second love you make sure it lasts forever. In second love you choose the person very carefully because you don’t want to get hurt again so you do put all efforts to make it lasts.

You get so attached to that person more than you were ever with anyone that’s why second love grave in your heart.

So, keep on reading to know the perks of second love…

Second love has healing power. You must have heard that “everyone is hungry for love, be it animal or human”. Its a basic nature of human that they attracted to people who love them and do care it makes you feel better.

It gives you strength. After the breakup, it helps you in moving on and helps you in overcome from the past. It gives you an unconditional support also gives you another reason to stay happy.

After breakup from the first love no doubt that second love is more intense because you both do lots of effort to keep it deep strong and trustful and you guys want to spend more and more time together and because of that you get crazier for each other.

It gives you the sense of security after the breakup because you know that you both are serious about the future and you are not fooling with your partner because you had enough for the first time and you put every step very carefully because you know that your first relationship was not secure.

Second love helps in deep understanding because the mistake you have done in the first relationship you will not repeat in second love because of that you communicate better and you can communicate through your eyes and even you can understand your partner’s silence moreover you know that in what situation your partner will react in which way.

In second love pampering comes naturally and it becomes normal you pamper your partner like he/she is your baby. It is always better than first love. Pampering completes the incomplete love. You tend to make each other as happy as you can.

Here experience plays an important role. Now you know that what leads you to an argument so you pay more attention to your tongue and you will think before speaking anything.

In your heart deep fear of losing is what makes the commitment to second love. You are more committed to your second love because you can’t afford to lose them who makes you feel better and is the reason for your happiness.

Now you know how to tackle your partner in different circumstances. So here your partner develop faith in you because he/she knows that if he/she will not be able to stand so you are there for them this makes your relationship more strong and deep.

After being hurt from the first breakup second love has greater chances to last long because as I said above that you put all your efforts to make it forever and in many cases second love reaches that point where you guys are ready to annoy each other for the rest of your life.

P.S. Let me know in comments is your second love is better than first love?

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