Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

“You and me, together forever.” I read the caption and laughed. It was my friend’s picture with his girlfriend on instagram. It was like the four time I saw him post the same caption.The highlighting part
was that it were with four different girls.
I could see the new generation arriving with a new lifestyle and which will lead to a new topic to discuss in the near future. “Boyfriend/Girlfriend – A boon or a bane?” Lol! Just kidding!
Fine, where do I start? Okay, let’s start with the most used word in the world. Love!
Love? Is it too much to handle for an individual? I haven’t had any opinion like that before. But slowly I’ve started to stay with that comment or whatever. It has become a necessity to every youngster to have a girlfriend/boyfriend simply because his/her friend has one. I would rather call this sheer stupidity. A couple of question that haunts me so much is, Why such quick and immatured moves in life at an age, where the world is so vast to learn and explore? Why search for a mate to just pass your time? Why get deep into a relationship and get physical in a short span of time?
Let me make it clear that I am not against love. I am a kind of a person who worships that feeling. And I strongly believe that its divine. Because if my mom can show the same amount of love for 28 years, from her womb, (it has never decreased and will never ever come down) it ought to be divine. But I have seen some really good relationships that ends on a happy note. They understand each other so well that their affair stays like a carbon-carbon bond; Extremely strong and impossible to seperate. Love is also something that is universal and common to everyone. If I have a sister/brother who likes, support, and care about me that is a form of love. A Dad putting his hand on his son/daughter’s shoulders and giving him moral support; That is also love. If your dog wags his tail and licks your face, it is also love. That is why people brand love as “pure and divine”. My question is, “Why spoil such a holy thing with your infatuation?” “Why bring a bad name to it and make parents believe that its worse than their own life problems?” “Why spoil a boy’s/girl’s life with bad intuitions?”
Cons apart, to all those lovely couples out there, Happy happy happy Valentines day. Wish you all happiness and tons of love so that you still stay crazily in love with rach other. Its like cooking people. You just need to follow and add the correct ingredients; Small fights, null egos and lots of love.
To all fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and yeah, also to all my amazing FRIENDS. Valentines day wishes. Lets spread Love, Love and only Love. Adios!


Posted by on February 14, 2019 in random thoughts


2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. oishmortal

    February 14, 2019 at 8:58 PM

    This is amazing



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