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Love -It is Unreasonable

Love -It is unreasonable “I cant be with u forever.”she whisperd closing her eyes. “Why are u saying that?”he bellowed holding her shaking in his arms. He kissed on the top of her head gathering the bundle of misres in his hands. “No…No”she whimpered pushing him away with her hands. “What happened?”he held her arms more closer to himself. She traced his tear striken face with her trembling fingers feeling the pain she infused. “I cant..I am destroying you.”she blinked her tears from her eyes, the eyes which she never used. “I love you fool !”he yelled as she rubbed the tears from his face which she never saw. “You can’t destroy your life looking after me.” she hussed struggling to free from his grip “You are my life.” he smiled sadly. She heaved sighly. “I can’t be a burden on you.”she felt his grip loosen. Although she wanted that to happen her heart wished opposite.

Damm this love!!!! “Oh!! so you think I have sympathy for you?” she heard his voice, once the happy voic,
she remained silent “Listen” he reached before her tucking the hair perfectly. He love those hair of her “Please. !”she yelled moving sideways only to get hurt on her head. “Ahhhh!! ” she winced “Shit cant you see?” he regretted this words “Thats the point I am blind and I m a trouble on you” she groaned tears pouring out of her eyes “I love you still !” he brushed the wound to clean it with sleeves of his shirt. “Why ??” she sobbed. “Love, it is feel in love in most unexpected I feel for you” she heard his cheerful voice hitting her ears. meanwhile he kneeled down on his knees and said “Baby,I love you from my core of my heart. would you be my better half, would you be grow old with me, would you be at every step of my life with me, would you be my soulmate?” At last she listened to her heart n nodded and that moment she felt cold solid ring between her finger. “I am your light that guides your way” he whispered moving his lips down and their lips met as he absorbed in her agonies gifting her a shimmering tale to adore vapourizing her insecurities with his love….


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