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पुरानी डायरी

एक पुरानी डायरी मे,

मुझको तेरा पता मिला..,

कुछ पुरानी यादे मिली,

कुछ पुराना वफ़ा मिला..,

सब लिखा था डायरी मे,

ज़ुल्फ़ से लेकर पाँव तक..,

तेरी-मेरी दिल लगी से,

दिलपर लगे घाव् तक..,

तेरा मिलना लिखा-

पास आना लिखा,

सब लिखा निखारकर..,

बड़ी नज़ाकत से डायरी लिखा,

तुमको ग़ज़लो मे उतारकर..,

न कोई शिकवा मिला,

न कोई गीला मिला…,

फिर भी एक पन्ने पर,

तेरा छोड़ जाना मिला..,

जिस पुरानी डायरी मे,

मैं खुद को लापता मिला..,

उसी पुरानी डायरी मे,

मुझको तेरा पता मिला..


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Poet’s Pen

Unlike soldiers called to war, we have no army to support our call.

With blind abandonment, we travel into the castle of our soles. There is no light, no sound, nothing but the sense that we must move forward and enter this castle and knock upon each Chamber’s door.

There are many chambers and many doors within this castle we call the soul. Without reason or, sense of normality, on we go, through each chamber’s darkened, door.

Each chamber contains a story, some filled with glory, some filled with shame and pain. We do not know what we will find, but still we go through each Chamber’s door. With nothing but our poet’s pen in hand, prepared to write in great detail, about all we find within. There is no light to guide our way, no sound to replace the loss of sight, yet, still we search and strive to find and knock upon each chamber’s door.

The poet has no protection save the pen, and without hesitation, walks through each chamber’s door.., Sometimes we shake and tremble, sometimes we feel no fear at all, its always different, its never the same, for there are many chambers and many doors, within this castle of our sole.

I came upon one chamber door and sensed I’d been here, once before. Suddenly, I felt such fear, so all alone and knew there was great danger near. It must have been the power in my poet’s pen, held tightly in my shaking hand, that began to tap upon this chamber door. My God, My God, what are you doing? This I asked of my poetic friend, surely, we will both die, if your tapping gets us through this chamber’s door! I fear, I fear, I have been at this chamber door before and know what lies within! 

I shook my hand, hoping to free myself from this poet’s pen, I cried out loud and tears of fear filled my eyes, don’t, don’t, God please, don’t let us in! However, to no avail from my God or my poet’s pen, both God and pen, walked right through my words and pulled me in kicking and screaming, through this chamber’s door.

If I could but find a way to escape this castle of my soul with all its horrors, hidden behind so many chamber doors, I swear, I will never write again and forever, would abandon this curse of curses called the Poet’s Pen.

Without mercy, without concern for my safety, I was cast through this darkened, chamber’s door. The chamber was dark at first, then slowly, almost softly, there was this light, it filled my chamber of fear and revealed, every single person that I have ever loved, every friend I ever had, every kind word ever spoken to me, I heard and saw them all again. Every warm, sunny day, filled with fun and love, I lived once again. All this I was given in an instant, all of this was behind this chamber door I had feared so much, just a few minutes before.

One other thing I saw, laying on a table was this solid gold pen, its tip was a diamond, the brightest and most brilliant light I had ever seen radiated from the tip of this solid gold pen.

As I approached this heavenly sight, I noticed there was a piece of paper, like a note one would leave for a friend. Upon it was written in solid gold these words…,

“You are a poet, I am your pen, never lose faith in me again.”


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​ I want to write about you

I want to write about how you make me feel
How every time I see your face I know that you’re real

I can’t describe the feeling you always raise in me

I can’t describe this wave  of happiness that you seem to bring

But I want to write about it.

I want to write about the day we met

I want to write about that time  we shared

How every time you would laugh it would linger in the air

I can’t describe the love and getting lost in your eyes

I can’t describe the reason why you won’t say, “Goodbye”.

But I want to write about it all
I want to write about all our memories, all our stories, and adventures

How we conquered them together

But I can’t describe the paths we took

I can’t describe the sense of closeness I felt in that one look

But I want to
I want to write about us

How everything felt was true love not lust

But I can’t describe anything without you

I can’t describe all our hopes and dreams

How everything that was so perfect left in a fleet of screams

I want to write, but I forget how to describe what is meant

I want to write about you but I can’t

I can’t describe the feeling of lost, the feeling of what it all cost

Or of the silent screams, the lovely dreams with just you and me

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Warmth Of Love

I wake up each day to the warmth of her love, arms around me , holding me close .

I feel a tingle , my lips curve into a smile, feeling the heart that beats for me, my face touch his chest.

I pamper the child , that she is ,thanking god for this ethereal bliss .

I kiss her awake with a little pat ,looking at me she gently smiles .

I blush …..

Eyes looking away .

This is how it was yesterday ,

How it is today,

How I wish it be when –

I wake up each day to the warmth of her love 

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With Every Beat

With every beat of my heart 

I feel yours inside of mine, 

Together they beat as one 

Keeping perfect time. 
With every beat of my heart 

I hear yours inside of mine, 

Our chance to be together 

The beat says it’s nearly time. 
With every beat of my heart 

I know that yours does to, 

And every time it pumps 

I know I’m feeling you. 
With every beat of my heart 

I listen close to what it says, 

I hear yours calling mine 

And it knows it must obey. 
With every beat of my heart 

I feel mine loving you, 

And with every beat of yours 

I know you love me too. 
With every beat of my heart 

It hurts when you say good bye, 

And with every beat of my heart 

Drops another tear I cry. 
With every beat of my heart 

I miss you all the more, 

The beat grows ever louder 

Until it’s like a thunderous roar. 
For with every beat of my heart 

Inside I feel the pain, 

Right now mine beats alone 

And I’m missing you again. 
With every beat of my heart 

I need yours here to stay, 

For I miss you all the more 

Everytime you go away


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Like the sun shining through a window in early morn, 

That’s what your friendship means to me. 

Your caring concern and the love that you show, 

Not only for me but for others as well, 

the whole world I would tell, 

What your friendship love means to me. 

But the words do not come, they are caught deep inside 

Of this person I am, who would much rather hide 

Than face this world in which we live, 

A world that cannot give of itself, 

A world that has died. 

I wish that I could spout words in verse or in prose 

About what your friendship, as everyone knows, 

Means to me. 

It’s so hard to be open when one’s always been closed, 

But I’ll try just for you 

Since the feelings I have run as deep as the sea. 

Yes, I’ll try very hard, be patient with me.


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​All my desires have combined 

and have merged into one wish 

to hold you close to me. 

All my tears have gathered 

and turned into a stream 

to wash your feet, my beloved. 

I am in total silence 

as my tongue will sing 

only your songs, my love. 

I am awake whole night, 

not blinking 

fearing I might doze of. 

You may come 

at dawn or midnight. 

I am all attention for 

your light steps 

which might get lost 

in the sound of the breeze. 

Ticking of the clock 

tells me, time is passing. 

Chirping of birds 

gives the signal of dawn. 

I am not disappointed, 

I know you will come 

one day. 

If you so wish, 

I will wait for you 

till eternity.


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