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Morning Thoughts

When I look at the sky.. I don’t think about the sun or the moon or the stars or the galaxy…

But, I think about You, YOUR EYES.

I can look into them for hours & never get tired..  Everything that you’re going through deep inside can be seen through those twinkling eyes..

When I see the stars, ️

It reminds me of the spark in your eyes

And the light in those eyes is my sunshine.. ️ Like the sky, your eyes tell your story..

It reminds me how I fell for them.

And that love is as vast & never ending as the sky..

Every time it rains, 

I run outside & try to catch each drop

Thinking that they’re your teardrops

The beautiful evening colors resemble your eye make up…

And your eyes are the first thing I want to see when I wake up…


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The First Move 

I remember that night so well.

We were a little inebriated, but not drunk. I had wanted you since I saw  you. And you had your own fantasies hidden away. We were many years apart. It was such a sweet taboo. And completely unplanned
I remember the moment my bold arm went around your shoulders. How you folded gently into me, your small hand making the muscles of my stomach ripple beneath its almost imperceptible caress. We both knew then. And the certainty was far, far more intoxicating than the red wine we were sipping.
We found our way into your room. I think we chose yours because it made you feel safer, more in control. Although of course it was an illusion. You put your arms around my neck. I stopped your lips with my fingers and whispered ‘my rules’. You nodded and instinctively put your hands behind your back. My mouth was dry with desire.
I turned you around. The top of your lovely head was beneath my chin. I took off my silk tie and covered your eyes, securing it with a knot at the back. I stroked your bare arms and softly kissed the nape of your neck. From behind I ran my hands over the gorgeous, impossibly petite body I had coveted for so long. The dress you’d bought especially for the evening slid to the floor with an elegant sigh.
Our lovemaking was a strange, wild, erotic, uninhibited mixture of intimate vanilla and chocolate There was not a single part of each other that our fingers and mouths didn’t find, cover and enjoy. I spanked your perfect peach of an arse until you cried out, grinding yourself against my thighs. I squeezed your nipples while you moaned, your head thrown back. You took me in your mouth so deeply I thought you would swallow me.
I have no idea where the hours between the first midnight embrace and our early morning exhaustion went. There were moments of pure delight that even now make me catch my breath.
I have replayed them in my mind so often that all the colours are beginning to fade

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The Last Kiss

This is that moment.. When we both love each other but we both know it’s over.. With one last kiss the tears begin to fall and it’s over.. Doesn’t mean it’s ever going to stop hurting, or we will ever stop being in love.. Nah, I’ll never forget you, nor you me.. Because sometimes life isn’t always fair, we can’t always have who we want just because we love them.. Because at the end of the day we don’t really have much control over anything in this life.. It’s been happening the way it wants to for centuries.. So this is just that moment of forced disconnect when we both accept it and want better not only for ourselves but each other.. That’s true love at the end of the day and for what it’s worth sharing it with you was beautiful, it was everything and for the rest of my life I’ll remember the way you touched my soul.. There’s never a right time to say goodbye, especially when you know it’s the only thing you can do.. You always seem to want the moment  not to end, to get one last kiss maybe hoping it will change something.. Even if it doesn’t it gets me one extra moment with you.. Maybe in the next life I’ll find you again, and I won’t fuck up so much, or you’ll have it in you to give me one more chance.. But it wasn’t for us this time baby, but no matter what anyone says they’ll never understand what it’s like to let go simply because of how much I love you.


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​Dear Almost Partner

Dear Almost Partner,

How are you?

I hope you are doing very well. You still look cute in your pictures by the way. And that one with you biting your lower lip? It still kind of makes me want to see you right away and kiss you again.


And as they say, almost will never be enough.

How long has it been? 4 year ? I’ve not  also dated any girl  but you being the first after my last relationship, kind of set standards for everyone else who followed. In the nature department, you’re still at the top .

What if I had you? What if we became official and we were in relationship ? Don’t you think about it sometimes? Because I do. Nah, it’s not that I haven’t moved on. When you’re single and bored, you tend to think of these things just to pass time.

I would have been at your place yesterday and you could have cooked for me  I must say your cooking was really good. I don’t know. Even the reheated pizza we had for breakfast was great. Maybe because I ate it with you.

We would have then gone to the mall to watch Jungle Book. I’m not sure if you would have liked it. I wasn’t really given the chance to know more of you. You were quiet and reserved when we were still talking and I just had to fill in the blanks in between.

That’s what’s bad about me having to make up for your silence. I made my own little stories inside my head which made me think you liked me too. Liked in the sense of us being partners.

I would make up excuses for your being not expressive and will tell myself of possible reasons why you weren’t exerting as much effort as I did.

Anyway, we could have then had dinner somewhere not too fancy and had ice cream after. Remember that one time when we ran in the rain just to get ice cream from a store near your place? Definitely one for the books.

We would then head back to your place and make love. I would have heard again the strange noise you make when you try to be sexy; I’m sure you weren’t conscious that you were doing that, but I liked it. I would have seen that look in your eyes again, your hairy thighs and felt your kisses that only I gave meaning to.

If you think about it, you would have not been my almost boyfriend. You could be my boyfriend now. And all the things I mentioned above would have not been wasted chances and possibilities but rather sweet memories.

This could have been a love letter and not a blog post.
There could have been an us. And I could have ended this with love.


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Beneath the moon’s beam

Tell me once more how thin lips reign above all,

How such a paralytic poison can co-exist with such an invigorating cure?
How such a beauty hath slit my achilles—indeed you are the siren, and I, the wolf attentive to your call.

Tell me your radiance was meant to illuminate my darkest, most ghastly corridors—embrace this monstrosity I have become and we shall share in a love eternal: in this you can rest assured.
I once roamed these pastures in dire straits; feasting on the tart flesh of unsuspecting nomads, now my salivating jowls wish to grip no other’s neck,
Thine murmurs upon the crest of the moon beckons my soul’s bottomless void,
Enchanted by these whispers once heard wholly as a speck.

Tentatively I gleaned your exquisite beauty from afar; my weary eyes piercing through the tufts, yours was a hymn I could not avoid, 
A sonnet that danced in the pits of my core, your benevolence satiated this once insatiable void.

Enchanted by such a melody; a cacophony only an angelic choir could parallel,
I stepped forth from the shadows as I was; a man-wolf disarmed, only to have a net thrown over my malformed body–I was ensnared by this woodland jezebel! 
Such trickery! My senses hath been disarmed by your divine silhouette—now I see clearly your halo was merely a rouse in the shade of the night, 
Come closer to this net, foul woman! Confront me if you so dare!
Now I see where your horns spring forth upon thine devilish face—such a beast revealed in the glow of the moon’s beaming light.

Yet you never did release me from that trap, instead you placed a bowl beneath my hanging body; I felt a sharp object pierce the side of my torso that instantly drew blood–death was near,
Flowing into that silver bowl like a crimson stream—you grinned ever so oddly; I felt life slipping away, I finally would be released from this curse–soon the moon I would no longer fear. 
I suppose, when dusk draws near, and the light illuminates the angels we’ve perceived within our dreams,
We are all monsters of a different light, all devils of nightmarish origins exposed beneath the moon’s beam.


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Soul Reunion

I saw her last that night, riding the waves of emotion, balancing against the tide, curbing the erupting volcano as she agreed to meet me. We met at an interval of a week. Seven days had passed without any communication. Finally we met.

Our relationship was short lived, mostly one-sided. She was just a co-passenger not a companion. Travelling in the same compartment, sharing opposite berths, we started liking each other. An infatuation! I wonder. She never took me seriously. To her it was a passing phase. Soon someone else would occupy my seat, causing adrenaline rush.

We met twice before, with sporadic excitement, that soon jaded away with the waning moon. The last night, however, was different. So contrary to what I had experienced before. That night was of union not only of bodies but also of minds. It is said union of minds is the best form of consummation, highly satisfying than sexual gratification. Pleasure derived is immense. It works as a tranquilizer. Gives enough fodder for soul searching. Helps to appreciate and accept your partner at the intellectual level rather than by external beauty.

She prepared her mind to give me mental orgasm. Foreplay began after physical intimacy. Soon we reached a mental high. Reeling through the magnitude of a multidimensional way of intercourse. Unlike physical exertion there was purgation. She didn’t want to sleep but converse more. Contentment had no threshold. Like a perpetually fed river it kept on absorbing and flowing. It grew intense with the darkening night unaffected by the breaking dawn.


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Is it right to put a tag on them ?

Our society always judges we girls…she’s like this…she’s like that..she’s this type of girl…and she’s that type..

Today let me introduce you to the real type, the real girls !

She is a blend of Modern and Traditional values.. U can give her any name.. I am actually not too good at that..
Such type of girls are independent.. They are liberal.. They will party late night.. They may or may not love liquor.. But will always keep their family values above anything else.. That is not because they are afraid of their parents.. No not at all..That’s because they love their parents so much that they won’t do anything that they know wouldn’t be liked by their parents…They just give respect to the independence and trust, their parents have shown in them.
When it comes to dressing, they can be hot at one time, and totally tom boyish at the other. They will completely turn into a sexy and girly when you take out for a date.. And will lace up her runners or sports shoes to give u good competition when you are trekking, running, hiking or doing any adventurous or sports activity.. She is not a socialists, but will fight for herself, for good.. She might or might not be rich… but will never allow her boyfriend to spend on her always… She might travel in autos, buses or metros but is cool enough to handle any situation and any type of people…
Such type of girls carries happy go lucky nature and have larger friend circles with equal number of girls and boys in her group…
She will marry a guy of her choice but will never elope..She will never ditch her bf but will leave no stone unturned to make her parents accept her choice.. This is because she values each and every kind of relationship she shares with anyone.. Be it be her father, mother, siblings, bf, best friend..
I am not that good at writing.. But hopefully this will help you to perceive girls with wider outlook.


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