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Love Story

You are my love story
and when the world collapses around me
I want to get lost in your arms
like in the pages of a book
and I want to be your hero,
want to explore
all of the scenarios of our own book
and I want to live through the prologue
right up to the end.

In the chapters of my body
I want to tell you the story of true love
as through you all of my fantasies become reality.

My love, together we will determine
the contents of the book
and only with each other
our story will end happily.

My darling, you will be the author and heroine
and I will be the hero
in our one intriguing story
while the end is still to be written
and love is like having popcorn-moments:

where we must first go through the fire
before our story can really qualify
as a real love

as there need to be a little romance,
some tragedy,
lots of happy moments,
some misfortune,
times of prosperity,
at times a bit of unhappiness
to appreciate times of joy
and some misunderstandings to know each other better
and a lot of passion
to find beautiful moments
and lots of making-up, my love,
to determine the outcome
of this blockbuster a love story.

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I Do Love U

How does the time fly by, my love,
and days are replaced by each other
and months fade away
like darkness in the light of the sun

and years pass almost
like a single breath
and I am amazed and astonished
that a year has already gone by
since we were in relation

and during this time
you did open my eyes
to the wonders of love

and you did spread the rainbow open
over the days
and coloured my nights.

With words and softness
you opened my life to better things
and you intrigued me with
the depths of your soul

and through your eyes
I saw the sparkle of the sun
on the dew in the mornings
and to you I bloom
like the Karoo
after the seasonal rain
and I saw paradise through your eyes.

May the years that follow
be a continuum of the past
and may our road ahead be smooth
and our journey be pleasant
and our love always does meet us halfway
until we will see our saviour
coming from heavenly places
and until then I do love you

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Emotions oozing out of my pen
In the form of words providing release
Switch off the sun and turn down the stars
Let me live in my darkness can someone please
Let me walk by alone
In the pain that’s numbed with time
The only thing that I feel now is darkness
Is wishing to keep it close a crime??
Am at the end of this dark tunnel
Light only a hand away from me
I streach my hand a lil but don’t touch it
‘Cos m afraid it will burn a lot too much to see
So I turn back to the darkness I know
Safe n sound for me ..
‘Cos I know even if it means my heart is hollow
But atleast now broken, it will never be.

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