Everyone needs someone, even meme😀

23 Jun

How can you not? I see it in your eyes.. I’ve seen the same look before in mine.. I don’t even look at people anymore when I walk down the street, I’m afraid they will be afraid of what they see.. The sadness in my eyes tells the misery and pain, and I don’t know how to hide it so I prefer to look away.. .
Since I started this journey of writing and sharing my words and thoughts on social media I’ve come across so many broken souls and hurting people, it’s been such an honor and a pleasure to share tears and stories with you all.. I feel as though just having someone to relate to when you feel your lowest is the most helpful way to ease the pain.. Often times those around us choose to make us feel inferior for our problems, or like our problems don’t really matter that much.. They only do this because they aren’t quite sure how to process any one else’s feelings but their own.. You don’t have to feel alienated just because something happens to you and it makes you feel like crying, if it hurts it fuckin hurts and no one can tell you other wise.. Emotions aren’t something to be feared, some of them are just how we deal with pain in these human bodies we are trapped in.. It’s OK to feel it!! Don’t let any one ever tell you other wise.. Everyone’s pain is relevant, everyone’s problems are serious.. We all need to practice more compassion instead of judgment, that doesn’t help anyone or solve anything.. At the end of the day eventually everyone needs someone, even meme. #nodoubt_complicated

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Posted by on June 23, 2022 in random thoughts


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